Yeah,out on a school night!

The Dux de Lux. A fine old establishment, it has a very good vegertarian restaurant, and they brew their own beer. (Which G hates!!)
They have gigs almost every night here, but it can be hard for a new/not well known band to get a gig here. Snuffbox got lucky and supported a band called Black Sand Sprint last night. (I didn't like them. Generic new metal)
Having a lovely vino in the courtyard with sweetie Nicole, the drummer Toby's fiancee.
She's a doll, we often swap books and movies. Freakishly intelligent, she is currently doing a degree in law. Her second degree! I can't remember what her first was in. I have probably blithered about it before.
I'm really looking forward to their wedding next February-what am I going to wear?!

Noice double chin there, Helga.
Toilet shot!
Frock-opshopped and customised by me!
Cardi and belt-opshopped
Black tights-can't rmemeber
Pink fishnets over top-Ballantynes
Neckalce-my darling Vix
Earrings-Selcuk, Turkey
Coat-50's, gift
Boys in action!


Mazzy Boy said...

Oh flawless frock there dahling! That's a badass frock, seriously! You put Lana Turner to shame! Auntie has the curves! Divine...just divine!

Vintage Vixen said...

G was well enough to do the gig!!!Loving the spots and pinstriped action there, Darling! That place looks so pretty. I can't resist a bar with fairy lights outside.The toilet looks rather splendid, that fluffy light fitting...yum yum.
Vix xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alex said...

That dress is divine! The shape of it looks perfect on you. Huzzah for a toilet photo as well. I always think we don't see enough of them.

Helga! said...

I adore fairy lights, it's what that bar is all about for me!
Thanks for sweet comments. Feeling rather lumpy today! Wah!

Disco Goth said...

I absolutely love everything about that outfit (better shot of the coat pretty please!)and I was just thinking earlier how I really should give my pink fishnets an airing!
the bar looks lovely, I'll go anywhere that has fairy lights!