New To Us!!

Here's a few pix of our "new" car!
I had been wearing lime fishnets, yellow socks & black boots with this, but chucked them off when I got home, as it was toes are waiting for G to paint them with my lovely turquoise blue Barry M polish.

Isn't she a sweet wee thing! Very different to drive from our old Honda. It'll take a me a bit of getting used to.

G is thrilled there is loads of room for his band gear. I'm thrilled that I have even more room for shopping!
Check out our band, Loafer on our My Space page. We still haven't really finished recording, but needed to get a bit more music on there before the gig tonight. The first 2 songs, Day of Days & Loathing have me on lead vocal, Messy Yesterday & Romeo are Nix on lead, and C'mon C'mon is Si and I. If you think it's crap-don't tell me!!! LOL! Still plenty of tweaking and adding to be done, but it'll have to do for now! Gah, it takes ages!!!
Still not decided on what to wear tonight!!
O, um, err, I was having a bit of a freaky brain day yesterday, wasn't I?! Thanks for being amused. Sometimes I'm just plain scared of what goes on in there.

Some things I like to put in my mouth......

Just a few delights I would thoroughly enjoy cramming into my gob right now......
I've really got not much else on my mind.
O, apart from some internal debate on what to wear to our gig tomorrow night, the meaning of "fashion" , why I could laugh at a piece of string, where will G want to eat lunch on Friday, why I can't get my shit together re my blogaversary giveaway plan, is it possible to poo 5 kilos out by Saturday by overdosing on chilli, at least 10 different ideas for ways to improve on existing frocks , new frocks I want to make, and who invented chipotle and how much I like them for doing so.
Yep, just another reason why Spock wouldn't want to mind-meld with me.

By rights, I should be suffering.....

But for some obscure reason, I'm not.
I quaffed rather a lot of vino last night, whilst having a lovely online chat with my darling Vix .
On a school night, o dear!
I was in a right state when I staggered off to bed, and was a bit too hyped to sleep properly.
But I feel quite perky today!
It could all come crashing down in flames and shooting, stabbing pain yet.
We'll make the most of it for now.
Dear wee Boris was soooo adorable last night-he tucked his little head under my chin to sleep!
All together now: "Awwwwwwwwwww!"
The this morning, he kept following me around. He loves his Mummy. And, he gets high off me!! He loves the smell of the scented oil I use(jasmine),and as soon as I pet him, he licks himself rather enthusiastically. Too cute!
Another glorious day here!
G is off with his Mama; she has bought a new car, and picks it up today!
And we get her old one! Which is fab,as our is dying a protracted death.
Very timely!
Anyhows, today I am wearing:
Shoes-Hannah's sale
Dose of glam-woke up with it.

Glorificusness and other made up words!

Pic taken about 20 minutes ago!
O,daylight saving, how do I adore thee, let me count the ways.....o, no, don't bother, they are simply too many......
Indeed I do love the light, I love the sense of long, languid evenings.....I will probably be drinking more, so do bear with me!!! I just can't be without a glass of something delicious when the weather is sultry and the light is lasting....
A poet I am not!!!
Doesn't stop me trying!
Frock-elderly, opshopped
Cardi-Lampang, Thailand
Boots-vintage, Trade Me
Sunnies-a market in Ayuthaya, Thailand
Pendant-one of Mama's

I had a plonka moment-please read below post first!

Here's what I was wearing today!!

Pink Bits

Saturday night = band practice around at Si & Nix'.
I'm wearing:
Frock-60's, someones homemade, opshopped
Pink tights-Farmers
White whale nets-Trade Me
Shoes-one of Andrea's clear outs before she moved to the States
The earrings were given to me many years ago by G's Mama. They're clip-on's, so I rarely wear them, but they are ever so pretty!

Well, we've put the clocks forward 1 hour for Daylight Savings!!
I love long, preferably languid, days!

When we got back from Si & Nix', I popped out for a few groceries.
I wore:
Frock-opshopped and customised by moi
Top thingy-opshopped
Tights-from my darling Vix ! they are so cool; I had quite a protracted conversation with a girl at the supermarket about how awesome they are!
Shoes-same as yesterday!
*Crap! I've just noticed I didn't load the frock pic.It'll have to be my 2nd post today!
O,and yes, I wear false eyelashes quite a bit. My natural eyelashes are just fine, but are dark with blond tips, so really need mascara, but I like the drama of falsies!

I have made a good start on my floral bicycle helmet!!
I should have cleaned it first, but I am far too lazy for that sort of carry on.
I'm loving it so far!
Hopefully the flowers will stick ok!
I also spent most of yesterday working on G's birthday outfit!!
I won't have it all finished by his B'day-this Saturday-but it won't be far off. Just got to line the waistcoat, then I'll start on the pants.
We are taking Friday off, and will be having a lovely lunch out. We are also finishing work early on Thursday, as we have a gig that night, and need to do a soundcheck mid afternoon.
Then on Saturday I will spend all day making dips and nibbles for G's party that night!!!
I already have my outfit planned. It is a divine frock a very special someone sent me.....
Here's the finished waistcoat outer.
There's my toes,sans polish. I just cleaned them this morning, ready for a fresh coat of something fab and Barry M-ish!
Right now I have a head full of henna in a plastic bag! Ugh, my roots are so white these days!!
I'll be all shiny red tomorrow!
To finish off, I thought I'd treat you to a shot of the Loafer guitars!
From left:
Si's acoustic bass, Nix' acoustic guitar, G's Gibson Les Paul, G's acoustic guitar.


Big Hair Frills Me!

Last day of Kitty's hair challenge today, and bless her, it is all about BIG HAIR!
My favourite, in case you don't know!!
I tied my smaller bumpit to my biggest bumpit,shoved it in and piled that hair up. It actually is bigger than it seems in the pix, I think!
(I'm doing my roots tomorrow. Or should I say G is doing my roots tomorrow!)
Thank you Kitty, doll, for a fun week of hair!!!
In front I popped my favourite flower, made by my favourite and much loved Vix.
She looks utterly spectacular today!!
I got brave and tried out the socks/shoe combination I have been whinging about trying for a while now. Justine assures me I do not look like a dick, she loved it. YAY! I don't know why I was so funny about it, but now I've done it once, look out!
Oooo, G has put on Fleetwood Mac. Bet you didn't know I love Fleetwood Mac-the 70's Stevie years! In fact, I am quite into Stevie! She plays a mean tambourine!!
G is just getting the Kombi out; we are going over to Nix & Si's for band practice and will stay the night in their driveway. Vans are so freaking practical!

Baby's got blooooo eyes!
Justine & I went out to Riccarton Mall for a dumpling date earlier.
Mmmmmm, they were delicious!
I bought the cutest pair of sunglasses for Rose, white with red hearts!
Then I bought some fake flowers, cos.....I'm going to take on Ivy's suggestion of covering my bicycle helmet with fake flowers!!! Thanks, Ivy, for such a fab idea!
OMG, it'll look amazing! I already have some fake flowers in a case, I'll dig them out tomorrow, and with the ones I bought today, start my helmet beautifying mission!!
Frock-made by moi
Crochet cardi-opshopped 21 years ago! Dyed by moi
Necklace-one of my Mummy's
Shoes-Trade Me

Ducks & Wine & Hair & Thai & Snoozing

Today's hair challenge was floral -a fab easy one to do!
I did a rough version of Kitty's first hairdo, and added a couple of pretty flowers on the side, one of which was handmade by my beloved Vix and the other was a gift from Nix !
G and I stopped in Hagley Park on the way into town from work with a half bottle of wine.
Y'like G's patchwork bag there?! I made that for his birthday a couple of years back.
(O-I've started on this years birthday outfit!)

The quacks were adorable! I loved the colouring of this one.

Took some outfit pics by a small grove of cabbage trees, a native NZ tree that you lovely English ladies may be familiar with, as they pose as palm trees in Brighton!

Frock-made by me a few years ago out of opshopped material
Belt-off another frock
Pink fishnets-Ballantynes
Shoes-K Mart sale
Bag-The Warehouse, flower added by me
Necklace-gift from G
G played Top Model photographer....

And had a wee nap under the blossoms!

I had to kiss him awake!

Then we had ginger/chilli fish for lunch at our favourite Thai!

This is Damien. He and his lovely wife Jamnong own the restaurant. We are such regulars we even got invites to their wedding a few years back!
Their restaurant, the Aroy Thai, is the best Thai in Christchurch in our opinion! For us, it is the closest to eating in Thailand we can get in NZ!
I was bloody stonkered after a lot of wine and Thai, and practically passed out on my daybed. I then crawled into bed-G was already there-and we had a lovely nap. I do love a nice afternoon nana nap! Haven't been up long, am watching New Zealands Next Top Model, and we might go see a band later.....or not.....not sure!


I just don't know where to start!!!
I've been a bit of an uber bitch this week......that time o' the month, and the freaking-about-to-be-full moon. Eeeep.
From a stand up argument with one of the brother-in-laws, to being obstreperous (now there's a word!) with my boss, I daresay I've been a right pain in the ass.
I said to G about 1/2 an hour ago, regarding some bollocks I have to do, that I couldn't see it being a problem, I'm just being a c**t.
Whereupon G gave me the knowing look.
The brightest patch of my week occurred when I arrived home yesterday afternoon.....
There were not 1, but 2 packages waiting for me!!!!
EEEEEE! (girly shrieks!!)
Darling Alex and Nicki had sweetly sent me parcels!!!
I am totally stoked!!
You are both wonderful in Helga's world!!
Further down are pix of what I received....
Now we come to the hair challenge!
Today curls were required!
My hair doesn't hold a curl very well. Even in the 80's,a perm would mostly fall out.
Luckily for me, my wavy-almost-curls were achieved very easily...
I can't bear my hair being around my face when I sleep, so I tie it up. And when I take it out, it comes out like this:

It's way better if it was damp. Of course,it doesn't last long, but it was long enough for a pic!
Unfortunately, you can't really see my hair decoration-it's the "fascinator" Nicki made me a while back. I've been getting a lot of nice comments about it today.
O, and I didn't really my gingham bra was so exposed until I got to work. Bugger!
Here are my treats!!

A scarf, some patterns, sweet treats, nailpolish and the most amazing kitty cushion cover from the adorable Alex !!
As soon as G saw the cushion cover, he said "that's going straight to the Kombi",which may be lost on you if you haven't seen the fabulous Aussie movie The Castle . It does look like Boris! (He's my baby!!)
I'm certainly starting to get a bit of a Bazza M collection!
(It's bloody good stuff, I've been wearing Spring Green for about 3 weeeks now, and it's only just starting to show a bit of wear & tear!)

And this divine frock from sweet Nicki !
I wore it too band practice with a red belt & shoes, but was in such a hurry we forgot to take a pic. Nix was very impressed with it. It's quite disco, I feel. And disco is sometimes my middle name, you know.
I adore the flamingo card she sent-it is now on my corkboard at work!

Thank you,my darlings!!!

My final act for today is to show you a pic of the first quacklets I've seen this Spring!!
Quacklets make me very happy!
I'd like to dedicate these happy little quacklets to Kibitz Knitz , who pops by from time to time and pays me the loveliest compliments!
A little bit of Spring when you are going into Fall in Michigan!

Hair! Long as you can grow it!

As I mentioned yesterday, Miss Kitty is having a vintage hair challenge.
Now, I'm not the most impressive self hairstylist, except for my magnificent bouffant, but I thought I should give it a go! I am a little behind, though, as I didn't see that we had started until the next morning, so here's 2 days in one post!!
Day 1:
I attempted a 20's hairdo, just to be contrary, as I figured it would be expected that I would do 60's!
I used the allowed items and came up with what I thought looked more Pre-Raphaelite than 20's, but was at least interesting!
The decorative piece was a gift from G's Mama, and I believe it belonged to her Mama.
Day 2:
I had the sense to check Kitty's blog after I had breaky.
70's ? No problem!
2 pairs of socks?? Hmmmm.
Anyhow, I was running around, getting ready for work; I told G I was going to do a big, bouffy Cynthia Myers a la "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" hairdo, and that I'd need him to take a pic.
He said-have you got time for that?!
How about an afro?!

Um, yes, how about that afro?!
It was a cop out, I admit it.
But I do think I look like a natural in it!!!
But I forgot about the socks.
Sorry Kitty.
Y'all should check out Kitty ,cos she looks freaking magnificent!!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow's do!!

O,shoes,how I DO adore thee!

I am happy to say that these are probably my dream pink shoes!
I say probably to allow for the possibility that there are other dream pink shoes out there waiting for me!
The only thing that could make me happier about these shoes is if I had them in lime green, orange, yellow and turquoise blue!!
I won these off Trade Me last week, and they were on the doorstep when I got home yesterday!
My "Spring Green" Barry M nail varnish looks simply divine with them! Thank you, Vix , my darling lamb!
Dear Kitty is having a hair challenge!
As I so often am, I'm behind here, as I only saw that it had started when I got to work this morning. So, I will start tomorrow!
It'll be amusing, as I can't style hair very well at all, but what the hell! I don't mind making an arse of myself at the best of times!
On an entirely different subject, I had the weirdest dreams last night.
One of them involved the actor Sam Neill and his wife being nudists and swingers, and I was getting it on with him(ew!) and then there was a nudist party with tacky finger food, and then I was trying to get away.....
Then I was flying-my dream flying is me doing breastroke in the air,and I can never get higher than a couple of metres off the ground-over some paddocks, and there was a little girl with balloons....and I can't remember what else happened.
The night before, there was an alien invasion! I was looking up at the sky, at what looked like big birds circling, when I realised they weren't birds but were in fact spaceships kinda like Darth Vader's, and then they swooped all together and sort of became a transformer thing and all hell broke loose.....but then the aliens were Nazis and I just couldn't get away from the feckers. I woke up, and then went straight back into the dream when I went back to sleep.
Freaky possums!!!