And the walls come tumbling down.......

So, all the dear, wee, funky old city and suburban buildings have been condemned, and the bulldozers are out in force. Makes me so very sad.
There are also some homes that are condemned; a co-workers entire street has been condemned.
Justine and I took a walk around our area (she lives in the same suburb as us, around the corner, in fact); we live near the Avon River, and the suburb of Avonside, across the river from us, is a mess. Silt everywhere, rubble, bricks and lots of huge cracks.
The aftershocks were full on last night, ranging from 3.1-5.4 , I was woken 3 times, I believe there were 5 shocks in total.
All water has to be bolied for at least 3 minutes before use.
It's like a war zone!
But life goes on.
Thank you all for your support!
On the cheery side, I came home to a parcel from my most beloved Vix !
A fantabulous crimplene coat, a gorgeous maxi (I have the perfect yellow shirt to go with it), floral tights, Barry M turquoise nail varnish, amazing green eyelashes, a delicate and beautiful scarf, hilarious retro coasters(how did you know we recently bought a glass top coffee table?!) and some curly wurly sweeties!!! I was shrieking with excitement-so timely, and so exciting and happy-making!
Thank you, my darling!!!
Also cheery-Nix got a job! Not the blogging one, but a job as an events co-ordinater.
We're all stoked (happy) about that.
Here's some pics I took before band practice on Friday night, before I got completely hammered.
(I vomited copiously, and was still drunk when the quake happened. At least I was clean when it hit, as I had vomited all over myself, and G had put me in the shower.)
In fact, Friday was a weird day. The energy was just wrong. Now we know why!
O, Juxtapose, Boris did not wake me. He has actually been completely unfazed by the whole affair. O, to be a cat.

I was quite into my green eye-makeup.

Note Barry M "Spring Green" nail varnish!

The vintage frock was a gift many years ago. I have improved on it, it had a round neck and weird sleeves originally. I can't remember the last time I wore it.
O, amusing quake story:
G told me I should put some clothes on in case we had to leave the house. I staggered into my clothes rack, and said "but what will I wear?!"
Yep, even in a crisis, I aim to dress to impress.
Well,someone has to keep standards up.



juxtapose nz said...

Glad to hear the post got through, because the main distribution centre in Chch has sustained damage and operations had to be moved elsewhere. (- work for NZ Post).
Boris sounds too cool (for school), and thank goodness he didn't take off like all those poor cats and dogs on pets on the net. Hopefully they will all make their way home soon.

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh my God, I think that's the most glorious I've ever seen you look, those eyes, that frock, those shoes! Who cares if you chucked up over yourself, it was Mother Nature's little way of preventing a hangover.
Boris didn't sense a thing? Bless him it must be his age.
Glad the parcel didn't get lost in the disaster. I saw those coasters and immediately thought of you. It must be freky twinness kicking in.
Hurrah to Nix!!
Love you,

Kandi said...

I can't imagine how it must be over there, it does indeed look like a warzone on the TV news...
You however are looking fab through it all and that outfit on Friday, Wow, the eyes,the frock, and Barry M, just Wow!
Love Vix's parcel, isn't it great when something fab arrives just when you need it most.
Kandi x

Louise said...

That green eye makeup is fantabulous. I love it! Hey, just because it's a disaster outside, doesn't mean your outfit has to be! Your devotion to glamour is admirable! x

Mazzy Boy said...

Love it all it all...

Mazzy Boy said...

p.s. I hope you don't mind that I "borrowed" another picture of you for my blog...

Alex said...

Helga you goddess. The eyemakeup is AMAZING and that frock deserves to be worn far more often - it's so glam.

I'm very impressed with the NZ postal service. A flipping earthquake and you still get your parcels?!

Miss Claire said...

Trust you to worry about what to wear during an earthquake, Helga! I'm so glad to hear that there were no casualties, and that your house is OK.

You look divine in that sparkly dress!

Claire xx

Geek Girl said...

It's crazy how things can look so different just down the road! Glad your safe, I think the best thing is to get back to normality (or fabulousness rather...)

Mrs Munster said...

That's the attitude. I love Dolly Parton for many reasons, but apparently when she stays in big cities she sleeps with her make-up on. Just in case the building is evacuated, she needs to look her best. Gotta love it! And did I already say, you look absolutely stunning!

Ivy Black said...

Hello H! Looking stunning in the face of adversity. You're an inspiration...and Boris is king of cats!

Smashingbird said...

Loving your glitzy outfit, the eyemakeup is quite fantastic!

Bonnie said...

I love the green eyeshadow and your eyebrows! Your brows are perfect and mine are rather spotty, I am envious! Anyway, you look great.

Just when you think things are getting back to normal...aftershocks! Makes one nervous all over again.

My kitty send a shout out to Boris!

piglet said...

Glad to hear you and your darling little house are ok.
I'm so sad about the lovely old buildings being pulled down too, and really feel for all those with nowhere safe to live.

La Dama said...

wow you vixen love your make up and your dress is so pretty...oh yeah and I love Dolly.

Disco Goth said...

I agree with the others, EVERYTHING is completely fabulous!
Yay to Nix getting the job.
Post-alcohol vomiting is rotten, you're lucky to have G to spruce you back up!
Glad Boris didn't freak, cats are bothered by the least little thing usually, Mitzi woke me up in the middle of the night once about a minute before my eldest offspring fell down the stairs.