Big Hair Frills Me!

Last day of Kitty's hair challenge today, and bless her, it is all about BIG HAIR!
My favourite, in case you don't know!!
I tied my smaller bumpit to my biggest bumpit,shoved it in and piled that hair up. It actually is bigger than it seems in the pix, I think!
(I'm doing my roots tomorrow. Or should I say G is doing my roots tomorrow!)
Thank you Kitty, doll, for a fun week of hair!!!
In front I popped my favourite flower, made by my favourite and much loved Vix.
She looks utterly spectacular today!!
I got brave and tried out the socks/shoe combination I have been whinging about trying for a while now. Justine assures me I do not look like a dick, she loved it. YAY! I don't know why I was so funny about it, but now I've done it once, look out!
Oooo, G has put on Fleetwood Mac. Bet you didn't know I love Fleetwood Mac-the 70's Stevie years! In fact, I am quite into Stevie! She plays a mean tambourine!!
G is just getting the Kombi out; we are going over to Nix & Si's for band practice and will stay the night in their driveway. Vans are so freaking practical!

Baby's got blooooo eyes!
Justine & I went out to Riccarton Mall for a dumpling date earlier.
Mmmmmm, they were delicious!
I bought the cutest pair of sunglasses for Rose, white with red hearts!
Then I bought some fake flowers, cos.....I'm going to take on Ivy's suggestion of covering my bicycle helmet with fake flowers!!! Thanks, Ivy, for such a fab idea!
OMG, it'll look amazing! I already have some fake flowers in a case, I'll dig them out tomorrow, and with the ones I bought today, start my helmet beautifying mission!!
Frock-made by moi
Crochet cardi-opshopped 21 years ago! Dyed by moi
Necklace-one of my Mummy's
Shoes-Trade Me


KibitzKnitz said...

OOooh! I'm doing my bike helmet similarly, too! I'm going to spray it to match my bike (orange) then cover it in glitter (glue + glitter + shellac) and do a 'mohawk' of flowers down the center. I'll look like a crazy old bird, but I'll be VISIBLE! Definitely needed in this non-bike friendly town. :^(

Pink + Green = Fab! I Love Fall (here), but enjoy seeing the beginning of your Spring. Have a great practice!

Kitty said...

I really love this look Helga, the pink and green are super-good on you. The shoes and socks really DO look good but I can certainly relate to your misgivings. Your hair is way neater than mine and I love your makeup, sans enfant you have more time than me to do such things. Le sigh. But I remember being able to put on falsies and liquid eyeliner.
Pls don't forget to email me!
waycelia (at) hotmail (dot) com

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

ahhhh big hair. It looks amazing Helgsy!!! How do you get such lush eyelashes?! the shoes are so pink and awesome....and the socks too. You can pull anything off, jealous...

Louise said...

Love the BIG hair, love the socks and also love Fleetwood Mac! I'd be keen to see how the helmet turns out as I've often contemplated how on earth to jazz my cycle helmet up! x

Ivy Black said...

Looking the fecking big hair on you. Can't wait to see your flowery helmet! xxx

jungleworldcitizen said...

Not only the big hair but also the colorful outfit are just GORGEOUS!
Let us see when the helmet is ready :)
Have a beautiful Saturday!

Young at Heart said...

have fashion tagged you if you fancy having a go....

Kelly said...

I LOVE it!! Great big hair, nothing better.

And pink and green, you rock it.

p.s are you wearing false lashes? If so good work, if not, well that's just not fair.

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh you beautiful creature! How fabulous do you look in green and pink? Those socks are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G on you, you rock the sock look to perfection.

Disco Goth said...

That is the most DELICIOUS outfit and I can't wait to see your helmet - which sounds somehow very wrong!