Cooking with Helga!

Hello, my little dumplings!

I was having a lovely chat with my beloved twin Vix a night or 2 ago, and she suggested I share my secret stir fry vegetable, it ain't so secret, and it ain't really a recipe!!!

I couldn't actually cook an egg when I left home. I still could barely cook an egg when I met G. In fact, he will readily share scary stories about my chickpea curry, one of the only 2 meals I could sort of come up with. The other being a basic nachos. Chickpeas still give us both the heebes-except for hummus!!!


As time went by, I got a little more interested in cooking, but oddly, it wasn't until my mama passed that the gene suddenly kicked in, and now I'm a pretty decent cook! Not a great baker, alas, but I try. I just really love cooking now, and I adore shopping for groceries and reading cookbooks!

When it comes to whipping up a scrumptious meal, Helga recommends first quaffing some plonk. Some kind of delicious beverage to aid the creative juices, some kind of liquid inspiration, some kind of inebriating and confidence enhancing nectar of the Goddess.

My booze of choice for this cooking exercise is boysenberry wine, made in the Marlborough region, on special for $10.99.

It's true. I am a woman of class.

I am doing a variation on my stir fry veges tonight. Usually it is just a massive pile of whatever veges you happen to have.
*Please note, there will be no specific quantities!
Feel the force, dahlings, feel the force and do it anyway!!

I have here a lovely pile of:
capsicum(aka pepper) in red and yellow, carrot, celery, cabbage, cougette (aka zucchini) and green beans.
a huge clove of garlic finely chopped and a small chunk of fresh ginger, finely chopped.
(Note chopping board, rescued from the neighbours wood pile and lovingly turned into my dream Jamie Oliver shopping board by my G!)
I am adding some thawed frozen prawns!
And to make a yumcious stir fry sauce I am using:
peanut oil, soy sauce, a stock cube, sweet chilli sauce and red curry paste.

First, fry the garlic & ginger in some of the peanut oil. Not too much oil!
When it starts to smell like a Thai neighboorhood eatery, add the crumbled stock cube, a wee bit of red curry paste, then a splash of water. This'll break down the paste & stock cube.
Then we want to add a wee splash of soy sauce and a healthy sploosh of sweet chilli sauce!
Throw in the prawns!
When they are barely cooked, add the mound of vegetables!!!

Cook those little puppies, with frequent tossing for a short time,perhaps 3 minutes, as we want our veges to be fresh and crunchy. Not soggy like Granny (or in my case, Mama) used to serve.
Serve in a plain coloured bowl(!) with a sprinkle of chopped fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime juice, if available.
Then scoff, congratulating yourself of how healthy you are!
I thought I'd end with a shot of my colourful and well stocked pantry.
I buy lots of prettily packaged crap, and lots of general crap, as I don't like to be caught short.
And, as I said earlier, I love to shop for groceries!
Ta da!



Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
that looks great!
I love your pantry, makes me think of being at home with my folks...I'll tell my mum that I need something that I regards as quite obscure for cooking something & she'll say "I've alrady got some", a well stocked pantry is the mark of a really good cook in my opinion. Alas my own cupboards are nowhere near as well stocked or impressive.
Thanks for joining in the 'Blog Barbie Game' ;)

Ivy Black said...

That's a helluva pantry, love! I bought three bottles of oyster sauce recently just because of the pretty lables!
I'm hungry now I've seen your lovely nosh and it's nowhere near lunchtime! xx

Alex said...

It's not even 10am and you've just made me starving! Mmmmmmm, that looks utterly delicious.

More recipes please! I am rubbish with main courses so I'm always looking for new ideas.

Miss Claire said...

Looks delicious! What flavour stock cube did you use? I will definitely try this out, never thought of putting curry paste in a stir fry! Genius! I'm getting sick of the old honey/soy that I always make.

xx Claire

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

YUM YUM! prawny, vege, goodness! That pantry is chockers.... Makes me look like mother hubbard :-)

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh you domestic goddess! Thank you for doing this, just brilliant! I'm hungry!
How well stocked is that pantry of yours? No wonder you were calm during the earthquake, no danger of you and G starving, was there?
Horrah for plain plates! You know my fear of patterned china.
Missed you this morning!

Kandi said...

Mmmmmm, I was thinkg same as Vix, were you expecting a natural disaster with that wonderfully stocked pantry?
I could fancy that tonight, yes stir fry for me I think!
Kandi x

devilishlypleasurable said...

first i must say i enjoyed reading your Cooking Prowess Development. . (i adore cooking!)

and, your descriptions are so easy to follow and funny like "When it starts to smell like a Thai neighboorhood eatery"! definitely a very intuitive way of cooking. .

love your site, you've got another follower now :)

Crystal Anne said...

looks so delicious!