Ducks & Wine & Hair & Thai & Snoozing

Today's hair challenge was floral -a fab easy one to do!
I did a rough version of Kitty's first hairdo, and added a couple of pretty flowers on the side, one of which was handmade by my beloved Vix and the other was a gift from Nix !
G and I stopped in Hagley Park on the way into town from work with a half bottle of wine.
Y'like G's patchwork bag there?! I made that for his birthday a couple of years back.
(O-I've started on this years birthday outfit!)

The quacks were adorable! I loved the colouring of this one.

Took some outfit pics by a small grove of cabbage trees, a native NZ tree that you lovely English ladies may be familiar with, as they pose as palm trees in Brighton!

Frock-made by me a few years ago out of opshopped material
Belt-off another frock
Pink fishnets-Ballantynes
Shoes-K Mart sale
Bag-The Warehouse, flower added by me
Necklace-gift from G
G played Top Model photographer....

And had a wee nap under the blossoms!

I had to kiss him awake!

Then we had ginger/chilli fish for lunch at our favourite Thai!

This is Damien. He and his lovely wife Jamnong own the restaurant. We are such regulars we even got invites to their wedding a few years back!
Their restaurant, the Aroy Thai, is the best Thai in Christchurch in our opinion! For us, it is the closest to eating in Thailand we can get in NZ!
I was bloody stonkered after a lot of wine and Thai, and practically passed out on my daybed. I then crawled into bed-G was already there-and we had a lovely nap. I do love a nice afternoon nana nap! Haven't been up long, am watching New Zealands Next Top Model, and we might go see a band later.....or not.....not sure!


sarah_ontheroad said...

Just LOVE that entire outfit from top to bottom. In fact, I am going to see if I can recreate it (or an homage to it, at least) this weekend! Yay for warmer weather! You look GORGEOUS Helga!

sarah_ontheroad said...

Oh, also I am completely envious of your wonderful relationship with your delightful man. So rare and fabulous to find such a perfect kindred spirit - congrats to you both.

jungleworldcitizen said...

Looks like your day was a lot of fun! :) That's awesome!
Your shoes are gorgeous ;)
Have a great Friday :)

Miss Peelpants said...

It all looks scrumptious. You and the food!!

Kitty said...

oh you look so TRIM today!!!!! LOVE the sunnies, the hair is awesome....actually I love evrything today, GO HELGA!!!!!

Ivy Black said...

Lovely post, H. I'm eyeing that bag you've got there...very nice indeed. He's a top bloke, your fella! xx

Young at Heart said...

oh how like quite devine!!

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm not sure what to comment on here....the stupendously gorgeous outfit, the ducks, the amazing greenery, G Man or the size of that fish! I've been back twice as i was lost for words the first time.
I've never seen a meal that humungous, it's a whopper (oh err, missus).
I liked Kitty's challenge today, I knew you'd love it!
Have a fab one whatever you decide to do and lets make a date for monday, I've missed you long time.

Thomas said...

you look fabulous!! I just started following your blog I love your fashion you inspire me to be more bold lol! I tend to be a wallflower hehehe that is a great color on you! I bet you made the flowers jealous!! ~ the Thai food looks yummy as well. I think I know what I will be going out to eat this weekend for sure ~Heather

Helga! said...

I'm thrilled to be inspirational,Sarah & Heather!! You've made my day!
Kitty,could you possibly tell me EVERYDAY that I look trim!!! Hahaha...
Yep,my bloke is simply the BEAST!!! I adore him!

Rosina Lee said...

Lovely!, I have shared the idea that hubby darlin should pick me up from work with a bottle of wine and some glasses ( love it!) When did you purchase you delicious shoes? (drool)

XX Rosina Lee