I just don't know where to start!!!
I've been a bit of an uber bitch this week......that time o' the month, and the freaking-about-to-be-full moon. Eeeep.
From a stand up argument with one of the brother-in-laws, to being obstreperous (now there's a word!) with my boss, I daresay I've been a right pain in the ass.
I said to G about 1/2 an hour ago, regarding some bollocks I have to do, that I couldn't see it being a problem, I'm just being a c**t.
Whereupon G gave me the knowing look.
The brightest patch of my week occurred when I arrived home yesterday afternoon.....
There were not 1, but 2 packages waiting for me!!!!
EEEEEE! (girly shrieks!!)
Darling Alex and Nicki had sweetly sent me parcels!!!
I am totally stoked!!
You are both wonderful in Helga's world!!
Further down are pix of what I received....
Now we come to the hair challenge!
Today curls were required!
My hair doesn't hold a curl very well. Even in the 80's,a perm would mostly fall out.
Luckily for me, my wavy-almost-curls were achieved very easily...
I can't bear my hair being around my face when I sleep, so I tie it up. And when I take it out, it comes out like this:

It's way better if it was damp. Of course,it doesn't last long, but it was long enough for a pic!
Unfortunately, you can't really see my hair decoration-it's the "fascinator" Nicki made me a while back. I've been getting a lot of nice comments about it today.
O, and I didn't really my gingham bra was so exposed until I got to work. Bugger!
Here are my treats!!

A scarf, some patterns, sweet treats, nailpolish and the most amazing kitty cushion cover from the adorable Alex !!
As soon as G saw the cushion cover, he said "that's going straight to the Kombi",which may be lost on you if you haven't seen the fabulous Aussie movie The Castle . It does look like Boris! (He's my baby!!)
I'm certainly starting to get a bit of a Bazza M collection!
(It's bloody good stuff, I've been wearing Spring Green for about 3 weeeks now, and it's only just starting to show a bit of wear & tear!)

And this divine frock from sweet Nicki !
I wore it too band practice with a red belt & shoes, but was in such a hurry we forgot to take a pic. Nix was very impressed with it. It's quite disco, I feel. And disco is sometimes my middle name, you know.
I adore the flamingo card she sent-it is now on my corkboard at work!

Thank you,my darlings!!!

My final act for today is to show you a pic of the first quacklets I've seen this Spring!!
Quacklets make me very happy!
I'd like to dedicate these happy little quacklets to Kibitz Knitz , who pops by from time to time and pays me the loveliest compliments!
A little bit of Spring when you are going into Fall in Michigan!


Camelia Crinoline said...

Wow the cushion cover is amazing! I don't know about you but getting exciting things in the mail always makes crappy days/weeks seem better.
Ooooh baby paradise duckies are so cute. I love their black and white colour scheme.

Kitty said...

hey your curls aren't too bad! Not to be sneezed at! (Is that the right expression?) Anyway the next 2 days will be much easier I promise.
Also can you pls give me your measurements if you don't mind? I want to send you a present. Email me at waycelia (at) hotmail (dot) com or leave a comment on mine, ta.xx.

Vintage Vixen said...

Those curls are amazing! It's not fair, mine last about 5 minutes and drop out. You look beautiful with your hair like that, my darling.
What great treats, the dress is a triumph and the Warhol-esque cushion cover is stupendous. I'd rob that back off G and make a top out of it, it needs to be shown off.
Awww, look at the cute ducklings. Spring really is on the way now.
Lots of love,

Smashingbird said...

Mmmm curly wurly!

jungleworldcitizen said...

With that gorgeous hair you have the right to be b*tchy every now and then :D
The kitty cushion is beautiful, do they have it dog version? :D
Have a beautiful day!

La Dama said...

cute gifts..an that cat does look like Boris..I love your hair wavy so whimsical like a Goddess.

Helga! said...


Miss Simmonds Says said...

sexy sexy hair!