The G Spot!

Top-vintage, Retropolitan
Pants-60's PGA golf pants, Retropolitan
Lamp-vintage, was G's Nana's.It doesn't normally live in that corner, it's just out of the way in case an aftershock brings down the chimney-it normally resides under it!
The Shiva normally lives on the mantelpiece; it did fall off it, luckily onto the couch and not our new (to us) glass topped coffee table! So it just sits in the corner as well until this damned quake is finally over!


Mazzy Boy said...

I miss my oxblood doc martens :)

Mrs Munster said...

I'm probably tired but the post title just made me chuckled. Awesome outfit!

Kel said...

Nice outfit G!!
Love that lamp also, fingers crossed quake quakes off soon for you.


Alex said...

Why don't golfers wear funky trousers like that instead of being boring in slacks and polo shirts? Tut tut. The sportsmen of today have no style.

I hereby accept your invitation to join Mission Wang Alert. Must get watching some 80's films as they seemed far less prudish back then.

Vintage Vixen said...

Doesn't G look magnificent? He's outshining that marvellous lamp with those fetching strides. Jon has some of those tops, too. They're his faves.
Love it!

Cara said...

I am a bit obessed with those docs and trousers <3<3
(And the lamp is wonderful!)

x x x x

Bonnie said...

I have never owned a pair of docs...why??? Love G's look, he's stylin'