Glorificusness and other made up words!

Pic taken about 20 minutes ago!
O,daylight saving, how do I adore thee, let me count the ways.....o, no, don't bother, they are simply too many......
Indeed I do love the light, I love the sense of long, languid evenings.....I will probably be drinking more, so do bear with me!!! I just can't be without a glass of something delicious when the weather is sultry and the light is lasting....
A poet I am not!!!
Doesn't stop me trying!
Frock-elderly, opshopped
Cardi-Lampang, Thailand
Boots-vintage, Trade Me
Sunnies-a market in Ayuthaya, Thailand
Pendant-one of Mama's


Kitty said...

Wow it must be cold there if you can still wear boots and a cardi. I drove down the coast today at 9am and got sunburnt. We have already taken all blankets off beds and sleeping with sheets only. Another couple of weeks and it'll be all-day aircon. Boo. Love the sunnies and the boots best :)

Disco Goth said...

Ooh and there's us going into winter having had the dodgiest summer I think I've ever seen! Mind you I'm looking forward to all those lovely layers =) xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Dressed and accessorised to perfection, my darling. The wine glass adds the finishing touch.
The print on the front is glorious and your garden is fabulous.

Cara said...

Oooh Boris the Bone Bugular is so cute! I always wanted a cat but then again I have three dogs so that wouldn't work out haha

The colour of your hair is gorgeous <3<3

x x x x

Alex said...

You look wonderful - how fab a shade are the cardi and socks?! I'm jealous that it's spring over there. I do love autumn but I'm not looking forward to long dark nights.

Bonnie said...

Could swear you were in Arizona and not New Zealand!


Kandi said...

I love your little cardies, you must have one in every colour! My kids often used made up word is Ginormous ~ a mix of gigantic and enormous, they just won't have it that it is a made up word, I will get the last laugh when they fail their English exams (I'm an evil mummy).
Kandi x

Louise said...

Just as you're getting more light, ours is disappearing. You will have to remind us what summer is like with your lovely bright clothes and booze, while we wrap up in the dull colours of Autumn to brave the rain and wind. Booooo! xx

Miss Smilla said...

Love how you have accessorised your wine glass to your fabulous outfit! We are just about to lose and hour and begin the descent into winter - I am looking forward to seeing all your summery frocks!