Hair! Long as you can grow it!

As I mentioned yesterday, Miss Kitty is having a vintage hair challenge.
Now, I'm not the most impressive self hairstylist, except for my magnificent bouffant, but I thought I should give it a go! I am a little behind, though, as I didn't see that we had started until the next morning, so here's 2 days in one post!!
Day 1:
I attempted a 20's hairdo, just to be contrary, as I figured it would be expected that I would do 60's!
I used the allowed items and came up with what I thought looked more Pre-Raphaelite than 20's, but was at least interesting!
The decorative piece was a gift from G's Mama, and I believe it belonged to her Mama.
Day 2:
I had the sense to check Kitty's blog after I had breaky.
70's ? No problem!
2 pairs of socks?? Hmmmm.
Anyhow, I was running around, getting ready for work; I told G I was going to do a big, bouffy Cynthia Myers a la "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" hairdo, and that I'd need him to take a pic.
He said-have you got time for that?!
How about an afro?!

Um, yes, how about that afro?!
It was a cop out, I admit it.
But I do think I look like a natural in it!!!
But I forgot about the socks.
Sorry Kitty.
Y'all should check out Kitty ,cos she looks freaking magnificent!!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow's do!!


Roo Paprika said...

Ha, really loving the 'fro. The pre-Raphaelite-esque style looks beautiful on you. And the tattoo is looking magnificent

Kitty said...

OOh Helga that first one is amazing!!!!!!!!! I love it. clever to go for the wig, just because I allow XYZ items doesn't mean you have to use them! Big hair is coming up at the end btw, plenty of time for that.xx.

KibitzKnitz said...

OMG! Helga, you are BEAUTIFUL!! Not that you weren't before, but I think you're a Mucha Muse for sure. :^)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Wow, I love your 20's hair, its gorgeous!!

Vintage Vixen said...

I love the Belle Epoque hair, I can just imagine you swanning around in a white gown playing croquet on the lawn, totally the lady. How gorgeous is that hair decoration? Good old G's mum.
I nearly donned a wig for 1970's, in fact that's what Jon said I should do but I thought I had to use all the things Kitty specified, stupid bint that I am. I love you in that wig, you really rock it honey.

Kelly said...

Your hair looks gorgeous in the first pic, romantic, relaxed and lush.
Afro is always a winner though.


Kelly said...

Your hair looks gorgeous in the first pic, romantic, relaxed and lush.
Afro is always a winner though.


The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

looking god darlink. Nice toussled locks!

Mrs Munster said...

Your bouffants simply rock! Have to agree with ladies above that the 20's look is stunning.

Bonnie said...

You look very romantic in the first shots and the afro, well I like it too! You're doing great with the challenge.


Helga! said...

Aw,you are such a bunch of sweethearts!!
I like you! A lot!!