It only lacked ZING!

We had a great evening! I know, I sound surprised! I do get a bit paranoid about family events, I freely admit it. But in a way, it's good, so I never have high expectations!
Scary sister-in-law behaved very well, except for a moment when we arrived, and she came and sat beside me and put her left arm around me and rested her hand on the table, and the right hand she rested on my chair, so I was effectively pinned in. It was, as she is, a bit weird, and very uncomfortable. I had only quickly downed one drink by then, as I hadn't been sure if I would have to drive or not, so I really felt my space was being invaded. I do think she wants to be my friend, it's just that there is far too much water under the bridge for me, and forgiveness is not one of my best qualities.
We had some very nice Chinese, of course, I would have liked it to be dripping with chilli, but one must compromise at times! We were home about 10:30, and I went off to bed, had a lovely sleep, and awoke feeling rather fabulous!! Except for the spring snots. I wore:
Frock-opshoppeed, and customised by moi
Petticoat-opshopped (yep, it's a little skewed, but as I am a 1 to 2 shot girl, too bad!!!)
Belt-Trade Me
Handbag-gift from Justine
Fishnets(formerly tights)-Ballantynes
Bow-Asian store at the mall
G is wearing:
Pullover-Dangerfield, Sydney, in Chinatown.
We've had a pleasant Sunday,shall share pix tomorrow!
* I quite like local girl Julia Deans; she has just released her first solo album "Modern Fables", and while I like the single, the accompanying video really is off-putting. Shame.
(Julia was in a band called Fur Patrol-way cool Kiwi band-until fairly recently. I once saw her live and solo at the Dux, and she is mega talented!)


Mazzy Boy said...

The frock and outfit is fabulous.

So you like your chinese food spicy?

I made notes of your stirfry, looks yummy.


Vintage Vixen said...

Well, you gorgeous beast the Chinese might have lacked zing but you are totally zingy with a capital Z.
Chinese food here is vile but Indo-Chinese blows your head off, the chillies are divine.
Glad it went well with the family,those kind of things are always work out a lot better than you think they will.
You two are so hot.

Bonnie said...

You and G are such a fun looking couple. Glad the dinner with the family went well.
I haven't enjoyed a really good Chinese meal since I moved here. The Chinese food back home in Hawaii is so superior to something like Panda Express. By the way, like Mazzy Boy I took notes on your stir fry as well.

~Bonnie xxx

Helga! said...

Yes,Mazzy,I like my food VERY spicey!! Like my men,LOL!
I'm glad the dinner went well too!