Maximum Enjoyment

Well, it's one week out since the Quake, and it
seems that more and more nasties are turning up, the further things are investigated.
Our floors have ended up being a bit like a rollercoaster- all ups and down!

But that is easily fixed, and we can live with it for now.

So, we popped over to see G's Mamma, who is a fine speciman of womanhood. Born and bred on the West Coast, it takes a lot to rattle her, and this earthquake certainly hasn't!

Today I am wearing:

Frock-vintage maxi, opshopped

Top-opshopped, altered by moi

Pendant-vintage, opshopped

Shoes-Hannah's sale a few years back

Handbag-vintage, opshopped

Hairflower-Sydney markets


I realised I hadn't shown you my exceptionally modest vintage shoe collection.

I knew a woman, about 15 years ago, who gave me a box of shoes from out of her garage. They had belonged to her and her sister. Her sister was my size, hurrah! The top two pairs fit me,and the pair I was wearing yesterday was another pair from this box.The bottom ones are way small, and there is a tiny black pair of disco shoes in a box somewhere......all the boxes/cases which were on shelves are on the floor at present in case of further violent aftershocks, so it is a)hard to move in my room, and b)hard to get at much.

I don't wear the ones top right much, as they are quite fragile.The ones on the left I wear a bit, and the ones from yesterday I wear a lot!


Andrea said...

What a week! Although I've spent most of it out of town - three days of aftershocks was quite enough. Hope all is well at your place and love the vintage shoe collection :)

Mrs Munster said...

What a great collection of vintage shoes. I almost sounds like you are running to rescue your shoes in case of aftershocks! You got your priorities right then :) Loving you bag!

Vintage Vixen said...

The shoes! The Shoes! How glorious! They deserve to be framed.
You look beautiful, my darling. The dress is divine and the lacy top just finished the look to perfection.
How's the Barry M bearing up, gorgeous one?
Love ya!

La Dama said...

oooh your shoe collection reminds of the mexi shoes and especially your bag they sell in TJ mexico made out of leather.

Laura said...

Amazing shoes, I'd be far to scared to wear them in case I ruined them, which ALWAYS happens to me when I wear beautiful shoes.


Alex said...

What a rather stunning frock that is. I'm enjoying the touches of spring in your recent posts as we descend into autumn and dark dark nights.

Love all of the shoes but especially the ones back right - they're like souped up school shoes. Too fab for words!

Miss Claire said...

Great sunglasses! And the shoes! I adore them all, how lucky you are!

Oh, and I believe that we have a couple of the exact same cacti plants growing as you do :)

xx Claire

Helga! said...

I was trying to make you jealous,Claire!!!
Don't my toenails look fab!! Great nail varnish,that Barry M;it's holding up really well!