My lashes flutter for you

I love my Porn Star chair!
G isn't terribly fond of it, however.
But he is nicely compromising about it.
Frock-60's, opshopped years ago. Awesome shade of kelly green!
Lime fishnets-can't remember
Socks-Sydney markets
Hair Bow-an Asian store at the Mall
I have my favourite earrings from Selcuk, Turkey, on.
Necklace, top-from my beloved Vix
Pendant-opshopped yesterday
Pretty bloody good for 40+, I reckon!

Below is the other loot I picked up yesterday.
Some lovely bits of lace and trims, a cameo brooch/pendant-the brooch pin is broken off,but no worries, it still has a loop for a chain, a funky belt and a pair of "step in's". At least that was what my Mama called them!
I was rather chuffed with my little score!
I also found some goodies for the giveaway I am planning!
Now, Miss Claire , you had asked what flavour stock cube I used in my stir fry the other night? It was vegetable. I'm a bit obsessed with stock, and keep all varieties on hand.
O, and I suspect there is enough food in our pantry (and the cupboard above the fridge) to see us through at least a month, if necessary!!
And Kitty darling, you had asked what I use in my face cream.
Into a pot of aqueaous cream I put:
almond oil
apricot kernal oil
I'm sorry, I don't have any quantities, as I just chuck it in until it smells delicious!
I probably use about 5 drops each of the francincense/rosehip/patchouli, and maybe a teaspoon of the other 2 oils??
I've been using this concoction for years, and I expect that's why I look so fabulously youthful, darlings!!
Anyhows, I got terribly trolleyed last night, and am suffering a little today.
We are going out for Chinese with the family tonight, so it'll have to be some hair of the dog if I am in any way to cope with the dreaded sister-in-law.........holier than thou Holly!!!
O, I think I may have managed to sort my vocals last night.


Miss Claire said...

That pendant is awesome! We have that same chair, but refer to it as the 'king poobah' chair. I think it may become the 'poobah-in-a-porno' chair now!

Thanks for getting back to me on the cube-issue....can't wait to try it out!

Looking lovely as usual,

xx Claire

Kelly said...

Love the new pendant, gorgeous...I'm starting to lust after your jewellery now. Vix has turned me into a jewellery jealous monster. :)


p.s I LOVE the chair! but would start "chika wang"ing porn stylee music whenever sat in it.

Kandi said...

Your eye lashes are incredible, I am green with envy. Love your haul, your Mums 'step in's' my Mum called a 'Panty Girdle'!
Kandi x

MyStyle said...

Hi there-really love your green dress with the green fishnets and socks, very stylish indeed and your necklaces are gorgeous! have a great weekend! x

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh how glorious do you look? Love it all you gorgeous creature.
Jon always draws the line at porn chairs but he is weakening to the idea of a boat-shaped bar so things are looking up.
Have a wonderful time with the family, make sure you frock up to the max adn keep your eyes averted from the dreaded camel's hoof.

hiven said...

ohh i love that chair. like quite a lot. love your blog

Helga! said...

Aw,you are a splendid bunch of ladies!
"Poobah in a Porn Chair"-LOL!!!

Disco Goth said...

Ooh, i DO like your new pendant! xx