New To Us!!

Here's a few pix of our "new" car!
I had been wearing lime fishnets, yellow socks & black boots with this, but chucked them off when I got home, as it was toes are waiting for G to paint them with my lovely turquoise blue Barry M polish.

Isn't she a sweet wee thing! Very different to drive from our old Honda. It'll take a me a bit of getting used to.

G is thrilled there is loads of room for his band gear. I'm thrilled that I have even more room for shopping!
Check out our band, Loafer on our My Space page. We still haven't really finished recording, but needed to get a bit more music on there before the gig tonight. The first 2 songs, Day of Days & Loathing have me on lead vocal, Messy Yesterday & Romeo are Nix on lead, and C'mon C'mon is Si and I. If you think it's crap-don't tell me!!! LOL! Still plenty of tweaking and adding to be done, but it'll have to do for now! Gah, it takes ages!!!
Still not decided on what to wear tonight!!
O, um, err, I was having a bit of a freaky brain day yesterday, wasn't I?! Thanks for being amused. Sometimes I'm just plain scared of what goes on in there.


Vintage Vixen said...

Isn't she a beauty? The car ain't too bad either.
She looks seriously new, G's mummy must have hardly used her.
Lots of love and luck for the gig. What on earth will you be wearing? Something spectacular I ecpect. Promise to share the gory details you sexy beast!
Lots of love,

Roo Paprika said...

Your voice is beautiful! Properly beautiful, I'm bopping away here on the sofa. Have a fantastic gig

Kelly said...

Ooh new car! Get you, and love the posing on the bonnet. Get the legs on you!! :)

Gonna go check out the band now.


Alex said...

Oh I'll be checking that out when I get on a pc which actually plays sound. This one is ruddy hopeless.

I absolutely adore that photo of you on the car - swit swooooo! The dress is very lovely. Any chance of a close up of it?

Helga! said...

Thanks Roo!!
Yes,I will get a close up of the frock this arvo,Alex darling.x

EmilyKate said...

Happy new car! GREAT dress btw!