Pink Bits

Saturday night = band practice around at Si & Nix'.
I'm wearing:
Frock-60's, someones homemade, opshopped
Pink tights-Farmers
White whale nets-Trade Me
Shoes-one of Andrea's clear outs before she moved to the States
The earrings were given to me many years ago by G's Mama. They're clip-on's, so I rarely wear them, but they are ever so pretty!

Well, we've put the clocks forward 1 hour for Daylight Savings!!
I love long, preferably languid, days!

When we got back from Si & Nix', I popped out for a few groceries.
I wore:
Frock-opshopped and customised by moi
Top thingy-opshopped
Tights-from my darling Vix ! they are so cool; I had quite a protracted conversation with a girl at the supermarket about how awesome they are!
Shoes-same as yesterday!
*Crap! I've just noticed I didn't load the frock pic.It'll have to be my 2nd post today!
O,and yes, I wear false eyelashes quite a bit. My natural eyelashes are just fine, but are dark with blond tips, so really need mascara, but I like the drama of falsies!

I have made a good start on my floral bicycle helmet!!
I should have cleaned it first, but I am far too lazy for that sort of carry on.
I'm loving it so far!
Hopefully the flowers will stick ok!
I also spent most of yesterday working on G's birthday outfit!!
I won't have it all finished by his B'day-this Saturday-but it won't be far off. Just got to line the waistcoat, then I'll start on the pants.
We are taking Friday off, and will be having a lovely lunch out. We are also finishing work early on Thursday, as we have a gig that night, and need to do a soundcheck mid afternoon.
Then on Saturday I will spend all day making dips and nibbles for G's party that night!!!
I already have my outfit planned. It is a divine frock a very special someone sent me.....
Here's the finished waistcoat outer.
There's my toes,sans polish. I just cleaned them this morning, ready for a fresh coat of something fab and Barry M-ish!
Right now I have a head full of henna in a plastic bag! Ugh, my roots are so white these days!!
I'll be all shiny red tomorrow!
To finish off, I thought I'd treat you to a shot of the Loafer guitars!
From left:
Si's acoustic bass, Nix' acoustic guitar, G's Gibson Les Paul, G's acoustic guitar.



Vintage Vixen said...

Check you out! I adore those tights on you, don't they just attract so much attention? That pink number is totally awesome and I'm mega impressed by G's leopard number.
The helmet's gonna stop traffic.

Roo Paprika said...

I love the tights so much, but the helmet is something else. I'm going to decoupage an old coffee table with pictures of bright flowers so this is very inspiring!