Rock this house.

No, I'm not strangling the Baron!
Saturday night = Band Practice.

I'm wearing:
Frock-opshopped (turns out it is the generic Farmers brand, "Now". Whomever thought of that as a brand name is a genius.)
Cardi-Trade Me
Shoes-Trade Me
Necklace-vintage, opshopped
Earrings-our lovely friends Mike & Claire ,who are also the Baron's former parents.
Check out our saucy Nix and her maracas!
She opshopped that skirt earlier in the day. The top too, I think.
The shoes are sweet red/white stripey peep toes that were sadly a little too small for me, so I passed them onto Nix. She is doing them full justice!

Yes, I could probably support Nix on top of my bodacious ta ta shelf.

I love this pic. She's so damn cute.
We had a lovely practice last night. Our next gig is September 30, and we should have 2 new songs to play! The mission now is to get some recording finished; at least 2 songs to have on our My Space page would be great. It's bloody hard to get it done when we all have full time jobs, but more effort required, methinks! It's just too easy to be complacent.
Anyway, we got nicely wasted last night, no aftershocks to rock the house, just us.
The aftershocks seem to be simmering down; we had a reasonably strong one about 1/2 hour ago;the last one I noticed was earlier yesterday. I went out for a drive today, and saw some damage down New Brighton Rd that looked pretty bad. I was talking to my sister Wendy in Wellington earlier, and saying to her just how surreal it all is. I'm just getting on with my life, then I come across some more quake mess, and it's a bit of a jolt. I'm gonna go visit her soon, dammit.Haven't been to Wellington for ages.

G looked so hot last night, he is going to have his own G Spot tomorrow!


Miss Claire said...

You two look like a couple of pin-up girls! If I ever get around to visiting my family in NZ, I will be sure to come and see you guys play!

Vintage Vixen said...

You girlies are looking HOT! Check out your if it could be avoided.
The Baron is rather magnificent, not flustered at all by the proximity of those booboids.
Wonder what the latest gig outfit is you've got planned, my dearest one.

MyStyle said...

Hi there-sounds like you had a fabulous time and boy you look great in that dress too!

Alex said...

Bonjour Boris!

Woo, looking forward to G Spot :)

Flipping heck missus, your boobs are tremendous. Cheeky peek of bra too eh? Anyway, to start sounding less pervy, the dress is beautiful and I love you in shades of purple and lilac - so pretty.

Louise said...

All I can say is Badoing!!! lol... you look fabulous as always. Also, it's good to hear that the tremors are slowing down! xx

La Dama said...

you always looking hot ans barons eyes..I am so in love with your kitchend and all your frocks.

Bonnie said...

Boris does not seem to want to be parted from your lovely cleavage! It's hysterical, and by the way you are looking awesome! looks like you all had a great evening. Be sure to take pics of your next gig.

Helga! said...

O my,my booboids DO command attention! Eeep!
G goes nuts for them,but then,you probably didn't need to know that!

Disco Goth said...

Just how purple is your lippie? Love it! I need more lipstick in my life, I go for boring glosses and focus on the eyes. Top notch outfit too! xx