Unflappable, I hope!

So, yesterday we had a 5.1 aftershock that was very shallow and rather intense.
We got sent home from work!
Loads of people were freaking out, and as there is a rumour that we are still to receive a 6.0 aftershock, it was fair enough.
Avebury House on the way around to Justine and Mikel's for a couple of pictures. We like to think of it as our summer house!

We stopped at


I am wearing:
Coat-vintage, opshopped
-ooo,we just had the first aftershock I've felt today-
Frock-opshopped, and customised by me
Pink sunglasses-Ayuthaya, Thailand, years ago
Hairbow-made by me
I'm a bit link heavy today:
Firstly, check this out, then have a look here at what G and I got caught up in on our first full day in Cairo 1992. That was the single most scary day of my life so far.
As we passed around the back, through the playground, some clueless teenagers were rather rude about our fabulous attire. They were dressed in regimental trackies etc. So, G and I stopped by the local supermarket, which is thankfully undamaged, and bought a few bottles of wine, and arranged to take some lunch around to Justine and Mikel. Firstly, we made the mad video that we treated you to in yesterday's post! We decided to frock up to cheer them up. On the way we bumped into an aquaintance who lives at the top of Flesher Ave-he says they have power and water, but from their house down to the river, there is still none of either.


Ivy Black said...

You look divine and surely must be an inspiration for those around you with less composure! As for teenagers...what do they know?
It seems to me that kids are far more boring than they used to be. Being rude does not equal non conformity.

MyStyle said...

Hi there-I love your outfit, very stylish and the love the colour of your coat and dress!! Thanks for stopping by too! x

Kel said...

I'd be quite glad the trackies didn't like what you were wearing! If they'd admired it, I would have burnt the lot. :)

You look super calm and composed, love the pics of you quaffing the wine. :)


Vintage Vixen said...

You ARE unflappable, my dearest twin.
5.1 is a massive aftershock, I'm still scared when I remember our piddling 4.1 effort. The map thingy looks so scary. 6.0? I think you'd better come and live with us.
You look divine. It would have been dreadful if those nylon-clad losers had admired your efforts, you'd have had to strip naked and burn the lot by way of a protest.
Love you

Smashingbird said...

Unflappable indeed! The little bastards, you look divine as always my dear! x

Louise said...

I love your tweed shoes and your HUGE boofant... what do the trackie clad scummers know about fashion anyway? xx

La Dama said...

you look gorge dahling everything goes with your wine..you should made fun of them track suits please,lol
be safe earthquakes are scary.

Alex said...

Tell the pikies to frock off! You look AWESOME in this pink ensemble and I am in sheer awe of the hair today.

Helga! said...

Hahahaha,pikies! So un Kiwi,but very Guy Ritchie! I think we would call them bogans.

Cara said...

I just found your blog through Vix's. LOVE it! <3<3
Teenagers are little shites. Never trust them. (I'm 13)

x x x