We March to the Beat of the Same Drum.

*Not great quality pics, apologies.
About 3:30 pm yesterday, I had a thought:
When we get home, it would be pleasant to crack open G's fresh bottle of whisky, dress up, and watch a couple of episodes of Mad Men.
I looked over to G, and said "I have a plan!"
He said "Does it involve cracking open that bottle of whiskey?"
I said "Funnily enough, it does!"

So after dinner, we did!

Pulling my best Joan Holloway look.
G painted up my toenails for the first time this season with Barry M's "Spring Green", courtesy of my darling Vix . It's the first time my toes have seen the light of day-well, evening-for some months!

Attempted close up of the sparkly bits on my frock.
On me:
Frock-vintage, Madame Butterfly's
Necklace-Vix the hot minx
On G:
Waistcoat-vintage, can't remember where from
Shirt-new, Hallensteins
Bow tie-vintage, ?
Pants-made by moi
Boots-Raben doc style, Sydney
*O,I am a size 39 European, you darling girls! Would be thrilled if someone found me my dream pink/white spotty shoes!!!


Calamity Jem said...

Wow, you two look wicked!
G looks well sharp in his get-up & you look damn alluring in that gorgeous dress...VA VA VOOM!

Vintage Vixen said...

Clock you two hottties! Don Draper and Joan Holloway are nothing on you pair! That dress you're wearing in divine, what a fit, you look so shapely and HOT, you little minx.
How much do you adore Bazza M?

Bonnie said...

What a sharp dressed man your G is, and you look rather stunning yourself! Beautiful dress, I love the close up shot of the material, gorgeous! Sounds like a fab evening.


Kandi said...

It's fab that you two dress up to stay in. I have hankered over Mad Men for ages now but yet to see it. Glad Vix kitted you out with Barry M - it's geat and lasts for ages!
Looking amazing as ever, so is suave G!
Kandi x

Camelia Crinoline said...

You two look fabulous. I love the hair bow. Dressing up, drinking whisky and watching Mad Men sounds like a perfect evening.

Mrs Munster said...

Well, don't you look just stunning. What a great idea to have a git of glamour to the week!

Ivy Black said...

Sharp or what?! Gorgeous sparkly number and Barry M's Spring Green is one of my faves.

Alex said...

Oh Helga, I love you. Getting dressed up in such divinely glam fashion to watch Mad Men? Utter perfection.

I need more Barry M in my life.

Alex said...

Ohhh and I'm definitely on the hunt for spotty shoes. Nearly found the perfect pair but they were a size 4 (37), gah!!

Kel said...

Love it! You two both look so glam and ready for a night of cocktails (whiskey based natch!) and story telling.


Louise said...

Looking good as always, I'll keep my eyes peeled for those white and pink spotty shoes. 39, I guess that's a UK6?

Helga! said...

Aw, your're all soooo sweet!!
G is super styley-I must get him to have a dress up day,as he has some fab vintage pieces!!