What's it really worth?

6:40 am
Frock-retro, Trade Me, $10NZ + $2.50 postage
No, I have no idea what is going on with my hair.
How crappulous it looks. It's better now.
I read my beloved Vix' recent post with interest, namely about the prices vintage clothing goes for. I was totally stunned at what a couple of sellers were pricing vintage sheepie coats at!
Mind you, as a confirmed cheapskate, I'm frequently shcoked at the pricing on vintage & retro.
I yearn for the "good old days' when I rarely paid over $5 for anything!
G keeps telling me that times have changed, and it's harder to find good stuff. I know he's right, but.....
Funnily enough, I don't mind what we pay for G's clothing. His latest aquisition, the PGA golf pants, were $60NZ. I never questioned that. But I couldn't bring myself to pay $35 for a sweet 60's purple/turquoise frock in the same shop-and I'm regretting that now.
The most expensive piece in my wardrobe is my 50's frock, for which I paid $85NZ. That is a huge amount for me!! 50's anything is very hard to come by here, and is usually way more than that, so I went with it, as I really love it. I bought it at Madame Butterfly's, whom I noticed was open yesterday for trading-I had thought her building was condemned...must go in and get the goss. I hope she gets to stay there; she's just a 5 minute walk from my house, hurrah!
I find that opshops(charity shops, thrift shops) actually know what they have now. Used to be that they were the cheapest places for retro/vintage. Not any more!
Sometimes at Savemart I can pick up something for $10. $20 and up is more common.
Funny story:
I saw a gorgeous 60's powder blue 2 piece(coat and frock) at the Cranford St Savemart one day. Bloody didn't fit. I was most disappointed. Anyway, about 1 month later, I spotted the same 2 piece at Excetera, a vintage shop on the corner of Barbadoes St & Edgeware Rd, seperated, with $70 on each piece!!! I was mortified!
But, I guess, that's business. And that's why I'm not in the vintage business, obviously!!!
I just like the idea of it. But am realistic enough to know that I'd be hopeless!
I need some killer instinct,dammit.
Originally I had a scarf around my wait, but then I decided to wear this belt.
Love the chevron detail in the skirt.

And I added a cardi. I think I look trimmer with a cardi.
Is this my imagination?!

Anyway, I thought I'd just mention that on the 25th Sept I will have been blogging for 1 whole year!
So, I'm gonna get my shit together and have a giveaway. (Details will be forthcoming.)
Also, I will take pertinent questions from you, if you have anything pressing you need to know about moi, and on that date answer them all.
So, fire away, foxy ladies!


Ivy Black said...

Morning H...loving the frock, I like chevron, there's not enough of it around and it's so flattering. I once sold Fifties daydress on ebay for £30 and that was it's money as far as I was concerned...it was nowt special. Not long after, it's in some mush's shop on a buy it now for £120! Do me a favour!
Coming up for a year eh? I'll make the cake. Looking forward to your giveaway...bound to suprise and delight and possibly shock!

Kelly said...

Love the outfit as always.

Congrats on blogging for a year!! Love your blog so never stop...thanks!


Alex said...

I love the chevrons! It's definitely an underused pattern. And yup, I agree with you on the cardi. I think it just breaks up the quite solid cut of the top part of the dress a bit.

That last sentence probably makes no sense at all. I know what I mean though!

Miss Peelpants said...

What a great dress!

I find the whole pricing thing really hard. I think most vintage out there is overpriced, but then people probably think *my* website is overpriced. But I know the work I put into it, and I know the value of the really rare and important pieces (Ossies for £5 across the board would be lovely, but their price is defined by their rarity). And I hope I charge fair prices for the non-designer gear.

I think the shops annoy me the most, because most I seem to go into don't bother to clean/mend/display their wares properly or at all...and expect full whack for everything. But then, they have more overheads to pay for me to be able to wander in and rifle the rails. So I guess it's a fair price when you take all that into consideration.

Basically, if you want cheap vintage you can still find it as long as you work for it. Which has always been the case, it's just done in a different way nowadays. I see those sheepskin jackets, and those silly prices, and think...oh well, I'm glad I picked up -insert my favourite coat of the moment- for a price I was happy with.

Ramble ramble....great post as always my dear!

Vintage Vixen said...

I love this look!!!!!! I've been hankering for a chevron skirt since I spotted the blonde in the eighth photo down on your side bar. Yours is glorious.
You look so slim, posh and elegant and the deep colours are divine with your hair.
I started wearing 1970's stuff as it was so cheap and easy to come by and now every bugger's on the case..bah!

Bonnie said...

How is it you are totally dressed, makeup perfect at 6:40 in the morning? The cat tried to wake me at 6 and I just rolled over! You look great, I think the cardi does make a difference and congrats on blogging for a year.


a cat of impossible colour said...

I agree with you on the pricing thing - some people put ridiculous price tags on vintage, and it really annoys me! I mean, I kind of understand it, but I think I have a romantic rather than a commercial attitude to vintage and so it just doesn't resonate with me.

You look lovely! And congrats on your blogiversary.

Helga! said...

Ah,Bonnie,flattery will get you everywhere!!!
It certainly is an interesting topic,the pricing of vintage/retro,isn't it?!