You are all the BEST!

Just around the corner from home.
Madame Butterfly's seems to have been deemed unsafe.
I'm standing just to the right of it. That's Henry Africas (restaurant) in the background.

Check here for pics and news:

Hi sweethearts-thank you so much for your wonderfulness.

All is good, we've been out today, just for some groceries and to visit Mikel, Justine & Baby Rose. Just around the corner is looking pretty bad, but their place is fine.

Gary and Sally have been out to their house, it isn't actually too bad,but getting to it is really difficult. There are still no services out there.

Freaky shit!

I keep thinking I should be hysterical or something, but I am pretty stoic and good in a crisis.

(I just behave like a loony when it really isn't much at all!)

Thank goodness for wine!



Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear you and yours are well and safe.... I have been glued to the telly, I have to admit I thought of you yesterday and wondered how you were getting on.....

Vintage Vixen said...

I was so scared for you when the news broke yesterday morning, thank whoever is in charge up there that you're safe and unharmed.
It really is such a massive wake-up call when natural disasters like that occur, you realise how small and insignificant things are in the grand scheme of things.
I'm delighted you're still looking fabulous despite the chaos behind you.Such cheerful colours, you'll lift those Kiwi spirits in no time, the government should pay you for providing a public service.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I am so glad everyone we know in christchurch are safe and sound. what a relief! I feel so sorry for those peeps on news that have lost their homes. Never would have thought Christchurch would ever have something like this. My Dad was there when it happened and he said 'it's the kind of thing you hope to only go through once' and then he said some funny story about peeing on himself. Oh dear.

Kel said...

Glad everything is ok and you are safe and well.

Your legs look fantastic here, bloody marvellous.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear you have weathered the storm, so to speak. I am hearing from friends and it all seems so unreal. Thank goodness it wasn't one that hurt people, as buildings and things can be fixed.

Vintage Vixen said...

I swear the internet demons are after me today, my comments keep disappearing! I'm so glad you and G are okay. I was bloody panic-striken when the news broke yesterday and was as relieved as feck when I saw your message.
The Kiwi PM should pay you for looking so fabulous and keeping the country's spirits lifted.
Love you!

juxtapose nz said...

So glad to hear you, your family and friends are all safe and well. I can picture you racing around in your tiara spreading joy in a time of crisis.
Did Baron Boris von Tiddlehoffen wake you before the quake? It rolled thru Wellington about 4.50am - just one big shove - my boy woke us just before by jumping on my pillow and demanding to get under the covers... cats are such sensitive critters.
Best wishes to you all in Christchurch.

Mazzy Boy said...

:) Glad to know all is well in Helgaville and that you're alright...I hope the community will be ok and that everyone is safe. Drop me a line sometime hun, or let me know if you need me to send you some funny links again to cheer you up...OH and how did you like the Sedaris vaginal cleansing demo? LOL hilarious!

Keep your chin up and my thoughts to you and your family and friends, and fellow NZ bloggers.

I wonder what happened to our bridesmaid Madge Allsop? I was thinking about you today as I read my new purchase of Dame Edna's book "My Gorgeous Life". I LOVE the bookstore here in Portland called Powells. It is an entire square block of a HUGE building and is several floors of any book you could ever must come for a drinkie sometime...xoxoxo

Disco Goth said...

Not been around for a while but just checked in to see this! I'm so out of the loop I have no idea what happened but I'm so glad you're to look at the news xxx

Alex said...

Jesus, the damage is scary. I'm so relieved that you and yours are all safe and well and have come through it unscathed.

Your version of disaster chic is rather splendid. I think it should be law - if there's a crisis, dress up and look bright and beautiful!

Louise said...

My god, look at that building behind you. It must be really surreal to be there right now? Well done for being so calm about it, it must be difficult to be. You're still looking beautiful though... you look so stunningly colourful! xx

RETRO REVA said...

I am so glad u r OK and you look terrific during such sadness and tragedy :)