The Attack of the Sticky Poo

Once upon a time, there was an elderly, titled, tuxedo kitty-Baron Boris von Tiddlehoffen.
A very meticulous and orderly gent, he would follow a morning routine of:
outdoor adventure time(back door)
outdoor adventure time(front door)
snooze the day away whilst his humans were slaving away in order to keep him in the lap of luxury to which he was entitled.
One morning, however, there was a problem.
It was......the attack of the sticky poo......(dun dun DUN!!!)
After his morning whoopsie, he appeared to walking as if he had an enormous carrot betwixt his buttocks. It seemed that a turd had not fully escaped his rectum. He was bundled outside, rather briskly and unceremoniously, to tidy himself up.
Unfortunately, he came back in the same predicament.
It was up to his humans to assist and help him regain his dignity.
He was gathered up, and his posterior was displayed to all and sundry. And there it was. The sticky poo. Attached to the poor baron's haunch, and from it was a long human hair, disappearing up into his puckered anus. To what depths it is not known.
His Mummy, armed with a paper towel, gently and lovingly removed the offending faecal matter, and cautiously, with one continual motion, pulled the hair out of his little bottom hole.
The relief was palpable.
The Baron, thus unencumbered, scampered off, head held high, to enjoy a relaxing day.
And the sticky poo has not darkened his doorstep again.


Alex said...

Ahahahahahahaha! Oh dear lord, non-cat owners really won't get the hilarity of such moments. I had to do something similar last week when looking after a friend's cat. She doesn't like to be touched at the best of times so it was somewhat scary to sort out!

Vintage Vixen said...

The poor darling! what a totally undignified situation for a magnificent Baron to find himself in. Thank goodness for his Mummy.
He looks remarkably sprightly now, Polly's rolling around in a very horny manner I think she wants a bit of Boris action herself.

Bonnie said...

OMG, great story! It's wonderful that Boris can maintain his dignity throughout. Great pic of him.

Calamity Jem said...

Perturbing Poop, there’s nothing worse!

Disco Goth said...

Isn't he so beautifully glossy? I dread having to do stuff like that, I'm a bit squeamish with animals. So far my two girls have sorted each other out and long may it continue!


Anonymous said...

hahahaaa. That is a wonderful story. The things we do as pet owners.

Kitty said...

And they say having a child is bad!

RETRO REVA said...

Poor baby!!!! How he must have felt ;(
My bitty-bitty has the same poo issue occasionally and she fights me to the very "end", but is grateful afterwards. what a cute photo, as if he is re-grouping and allowing his bottom to recover :)

Flaming Red said...

oh... can't... b-r-e-a-t-h-e... still... laughing!
Will comment more proper when I regain my composure. Too funny!

Ivy Black said...

Only you could write about a cat poo incident!! God, it's so funny and the look on his face is brilliant..xx

MyStyle said...

LOL, what a fabulous post and I'm so pleased Baron Boris had a happy and clean ending, he looks purr-fect in this picture!! x

Helga! said...

So pleased you enjoyed/were sympathetic about my baby...............x