The G Spot

One man and his speedos!!
G's 70's clogs!
A mighty fine score!

Hat-opshopped, trimmed by moi
Elvis sunnies-Las Vegas



Vintage Vixen said...

Oh G-Man! I'm lost for words, the Speedos, the hat, the clogs, that ass....totally awesome. More G spots, sil vous plait!
Lots of love,

Ivy Black said...

What can I say!! What a

Crystal Lee said...

I've just had an enjoyable time perusing your blog. you are so vibrant & funny. I love it!


Crystal Lee
nakedcowgirl vintage

Camelia Crinoline said...

The clogs are amazing and the whole get up down to the psychedelic speedos is pure gold.

Bonnie said...

H.E.L.G.A.===omg! I LOVE the G-man! Thank you, thank you very much - more plzzzz!


Disco Goth said...

Those speedos are just fantastic! And G models them so very well! xxx

Miss Claire said...

**Wolf Wistles!!!!*** Go G!! You two make the best couple! Loving those clogs, and of course the speedos :)

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oi nice butt fella! Need a shot of the gorgeous Helga in a 50s bathing suit, oiling your back on a deckchair to complete the Rat Pack look - woohoo!!!!

giddynici said...

Yowzers! Nice ass G. Helga, you're a very lucky lady. x

Alex said...

*chokes on coffee*

Helga, you tinker! You could have given me some warning. G looks v. hunky in his Speedos!

Krista said...

I LOVE G's bum!!!!!