Brown paper packages tied up with string.....

I'm a luck luck lucky girl!!
I came home to find a parcel from the fabulous Jem waiting for me!!
Inside were 2 divine summer frocks, and an amaaaaazing headpiece crafted by the fair Jem from a vintage tie!
So, as we'd had a bit of a rough day, we sat on the deck with tequila/oranges and I put on a little fashion show.

I think the neighbours are quite used to me tearing off my clothes out the back, as there wasn't a peep.

Perfect fits, and perfect summer prints!
I have been so very, very spoilt this year by my wonderful blogging friends!
Vix , Nikki ,Alex & Jem -you totally rock my world!!!

Boris loves you too........



La Dama said...

you lucky how all your dressies look so good on you.

Vintage Vixen said...

And we love you (and Boris, too)!!!
What gloriously chosen frocks, isn't it strane that people who've never even met can pick out perfect outfits for one another? Imagine how much fun we'd have if we all got together? One day, my darling , one day!
Stephen's feeling much better now, he's had some of Jon's Mars bar and he's sitting on my lap enjoying the view of Boris' backside.
Lots of love,

Kitty said...

Oh she is clever making that headpiece, wow! Good scores, chicka!

Ivy Black said...

You luck thing, you! I love those dresses..Jem has got it going

Roo said...

I am so jealous of the sunshine and the tequila and orange! That is a beautiful headpiece, Jem is a talented girl

MyStyle said...

Hi there-those dresses look fabulous on, very stylish and vibrant, great stuff indeed!!

Kelly said...

Ah lovely post, lucky you! Love that tie hairpiece. Very pretty.

Hi Boris!!


Disco Goth said...

Fabulous frocks! The tie headpiece is really pretty and clever.
I'm glad you've put a link up to your band, I was searching for you the other day but I'm hopeless and failed. I'm teriffically impressed! =)


Alex said...

Awww I love a good Boris photo.

I'm just really glad you liked my parcel - I feel bad that I never track down such amazing clothes as the others and that my efforts were a bit feeble! The frocks that Jem sent you are AMAZING!

Penny Dreadful said...

Lovely, the hairpiece in particular is fab!

Calamity Jem said...

Helga BABE!
You look stunning, I just new that that pink number would look amazing on you...I even thought to myself when I spotted it, that's a Helga dress, the print is attention-grabbing & individual just like you my dear.
The other one I actually tweaked a little as it did have integral padded bra cups attached, that had deteriorated but I thought you'd appreciate the print & it's a perfect frock for sunbathing which I hope is something that you'll get to do a lot of over the next few months.
Like I mentioned in the note, you've got a book to come but I was wondering if G wears quirky print retro shirts cause I've got a vintage 70s one with a similar abstract cube print as your dress if he is interested?!
It’s by ‘LeRoi Leisure’, size Medium, 100% cotton in navy with green & white cube print. If G wants it, just leave me a quick comment & I shall pop that in with the book.
The headpiece looks a million dollars on you too; I’m ever so chuffed!
Take care & lot’s of love,