G Day/Night antics.....photo heavy!

OMG, we have been having such a brillant weekend!
Thank you all for your wonderful G'day wishes-G was stoked!!!

Our lovely Ralph arrived Friday night (we didn't go out in the end, we were too relaxed, so I made fish tacos for dinner) and on Saturday we went out for lunch. Ralph wanted to go over to Riccarton, which I thought was unusual, but I was quite happy to indulge him, as long as G was into it, which he was.

Ralph & I!!

This is what I wore for the day.
Frock-made by me
Crinoline underneath-vintage, opshopped
G painted my toes for me with fab Barry M nailpolish from my darling Vix !!

Ralph hanging out with our little Boris.

Now, it was indeed G'Day, but guess what he did!?
He bought me new shoes!
Brand, spanking new and very flash shoes!!
What a wonder my G is!

And then, it was into the evening!!!
I was feeling very Diana Ross in my gorgeous frock from my darling Vix !
I'd been plotting to wear it, and my Barry M polish went perfectly with it!
Worn with my spectacular Bangkok bar girl platforms!

Tiara, white gloves(opshopped) and glittery makeup!
With Ralph & the delectable Liz!
G made us hike up our skirts.
Well, me anyway.
Liz already had on a frock so short the whole world was her gynaecologist!

Nix opshopped this awesome frock that morning!
Party pad central.
G's Mum far right!

All the usual suspects!
Amongst our friends, I am known as the Dip Queen.
The dips I made were:
Black Olive & Tomato
Artichoke & Cashew
Feta & Garlic
Plus a Salmon Log.
We had mountains of crackers, corn chips, french bread.Also bhuja and dukkah.
I like to be a responsible hostess and have plenty of food!

Adorable Rachel & Graeme. They tried on my platforms!

Rachel looked extremely fab in them!
Rustle & Liz getting down!
I had a costume change.
As you do.

G in his waistcoat!

Liz, Jo and I played "Top Model" for the rest of the night.
Jo and I swapped shoes for a while!
She, Liz and I are the same shoe size!
How convenient!
Rustle tried on G's monster boots!
Jo looked so sexy and French, I had to get her a baguette!
Liz ran us through our "Top Model" paces, and I laughed until I cried.
Most unprofessional!
A most excellent time was had all round!
And we're not too sore today!
I got up about 4:30 am and evicted the last 3 late stayers; there's always one or two!
And clean up was pretty good!
Thankfully it's recycling week-we have a very full recycling bin!


Miss Claire said...

Woohoo! A big Happy Birthday to G! He looks very hansom in his waistcoat, reow!

It DOES look like you had an amazing weekend. I am always up for costume changes, and I love that your dress has music on the front!! Very sweet.

xoxx Claire

Vintage Vixen said...

A good time was had by all, so jealous I couldn't have been there, too.
How bloody amazing do you look in that blue frock? What a perfect fit! You look marvellous in all your outfits and those new shoes are quite the dog's you-know-whats!
So happy G had such a great birthday, he looks fabbo in his new waistcoat, what a lucky fella.
Loads of love,

Louise said...

Happy birthday G - Same day as mine so you must be wonderful!!!! I adore those black and white shoes, they are too gorgeous, and it looks like you had a wonderful wonderful time.


Alex said...

Oh, where to start?! Well, first things first, the orangey dress is an absolute cracker. And the new shoes! I would love me a pair of those.

The party photos are wonderful. Check out your legs! The blue dress is stunning (bravo Vix!) but if I had legs like that I'd never wear a full length frock again! G looks v. fetching in his funky waistcoat too.

Disco Goth said...

Oh, bad me, I missed G's birthday. Happy Belated Birthday!