The Glorious Helmet that is Mine!

I'm a little disappointed.
I didn't get honked at, yelled at, or laughed at on the way home today!
Well. Indeed. Ok then.
Just wait, you feckers, until the full glory of the finished helmet is unleashed!!!
Then, ignore me if you dare!!

O, this is what I wore to work today. Without the warmies required to get to work.
I got bike grease on my beautiful tights!!!
They have been washed, and it better have come out.
Anyhoos, on the way home from work I popped into the Addington Salvation Army opshop, and did very nicely, thank you very much!
Most of my loot is destined for some of my beautiful ladies......and here is a couple of the items I picked up for me.
A Queenie Silver Jubilee platey thing!!!
I'm gonna keep my small amount of gold jewellery in it.
And, some 50's spectacles in their original and very tattered case!!
I'm not blind enough for these beauties though.
I'm pretty sure I won't be able to have my prescription lenses put into them, but it won't hurt to find out.
I'm pretty damned chuffed with my scores today.
I came home, went for a general doctors appointment(our doctor is Dr Murray, bumbling, blithering, obsessed with yoga, books and releasing me from my addiction to high heels)and after I told him what was what regarding my shoes and demonstrating yet again how marvellous my blood pressure is(we won't talk about the scales),I went off to get the mystery ingredient for the special dinner I cooked G tonight.........
......but more on that tomorrow..........


MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-what a fabulous helmet, don't know why you never got noticed in that ;-( Love your blue dress and great finds! x

Kelly said...

Love that helmet! (hehe helmet, can't help it) How the hell did you not get honked?! I would have honked you.

Hope the tights survive!


Alex said...

I would have taken a crash course in whistling so that I could wolf whistle at you! It looks amazing.

Excellent finds at the op shop :) Can you brave the strength of the lenses for a minute and take a pic with the glasses on? Would love to see how they look on you.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention your dress! GORGEOUS! Especially the sleeves.

Calamity Jem said...

Helga's masterclass in crash helmet couture, yay!
It looks fabulous, you are so creative my dear.
I love those specs too, I'd definitely see if you can have the lenses swapped over as they'd look brill on you.
That dress is a gorgeous colour & the sleeves are decidedly dreamy.
Lot's of love,

Vintage Vixen said...

Dame Edna would be creaming herself over those spectacular spectacles! The helmet is divine as is the glorious dress.
Fingers crossed the oil gets out of those tights, they are the finest things I've ever seen.
Love ya,

Ivy Black said...

What a vision! I'd have given you a whistle, love.
Dress is ace and I love the vintage Lizzie have to keep your gold in it. She'll look after it for you! xxx

giddynici said...

The helmet is fantastic, will be amazing if you cover it completely! Those glasses are fabulous darling! x

Miss Claire said...

The helmet is fantastic!! I must make myself one. And oh my god, if I'd found those glasses in an op shop, I would have put my hand to my forehead and fainted! They are divine, such a good find.


La Dama said...

they must been blind not to whistle at ya..especially with those long legs and flowery helmet..don you love finding old stuff.