Gloves On!!

Well, I was woken up at about 4am by yowling and posturing cats outside our bedroom window.
Then, my internal radio kicked in with a rousing "Super Trouper" by Abba. I really like the su-per-per trou-per-per bit, incidentally. But at that time of the morning?? Harsh.

Thanks for all the feedback on my previous post, lovely peoples, especially Franca .
That might be the most comments I've ever had!

Lucky for G, "Super Trouper" seems to have turned itself off, and my head is amazingly quiet. For the moment.

I found this cape under a pile of stuff over the weekend! I forgot I had it!! It's a vintage nurses cape, and actually belongs to a friend who moved to Brisbane last year. I wonder if he remembers I have it.........
Anyway, I thought I'd put it to good use, as I'm rather inspired by Vix and Ms Pull Your Sox Up 's way with capes.
With it I am wearing:
Frock-vintage, from lovely Kitty
Gloves-vintage, opshopped
Handbag-vintage, opshopped

I must say, I felt quite snazzy. I'm keen to pull out a vinatge velvet one that I bought over 20 years ago in Sydney;it's been living in a drawer for a number of years, poor thing!
I did manage to get back to sleep, by the way, but typically a deep sleep and the alarm at 5:45 was quite a rude shock!
Huzzah for coffee, it's my friend.


Crystal Lee said...

I adore this cape - the color and the drape are amazing; hopefully, your friend doesn't ask for it back.

Vintage Vixen said...

What a look, what a cape! That looks like something Barbara Windsor would have worn in Carry On it! We could be a tribe of blogging cape wearers.
Your hair is particularly splendid today, and the print on Kitty's frock is fabulous.
Love ya,

Alex said...

Cape!! I love a good cape, specially when teamed up with a fab frock and brilliant handbag. You look wonderful today :)

Anonymous said...

HEHE this is totally related to your questions blog entry - guess what! I used to be a data entry diva too!!!
We must catch up soon doll! Hope the shaking is ceasing!

Miss Claire said...

Looking very elegent with that cape! And Vix is right, your hair does look excellent today! I love piggy tails!!!!!

Better luck for tonights sleep! xxx

Comtesse de ferveur said...

You look simply divine in that blue and with your hair down. Well done on neat and ladylike handbag choice - the cape meets massive holdall situation is always tricky for a bag lady like myself!

La Dama said...

oh my! me needs a nurse it you look so lush my dear and all.

Louise said...

Oooh, you love gorgeous in that cape, it's certainly your colour. I did have a chuckle about your internal radio and super trouper. It's a bugger when you get a song in your head isn't it?


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Booyah girl!! This is one stunning cape - look at that beautiful blue, it's perfect on you - you just cannot buy these things new. We should have a Cape-Off here in blogland - everybody posts a pic of themselves in capes old, new, whatever. xoxo

Pandasoppa said...

your amazing too sweetie darling!!! i want to take pictures of you every day haha youre so inspiring

The Sequin Cat said...

I ADORE your cape!