He hi the blowfly

There's an abandoned stock yard on our way to and from work (by bicycle). It's pretty derelict, lots of graffiti and broken glass, but I have long thought that there are lots of spots within the area that would make great backdrops.
I had to balance my gorilla pod on my backpack for these couple of pics, and not having a lot of patience, did my best with a couple of pix.
I'm wearing:
Frock-Madonna for H & M, courtesy of my beloved Vix (who, incidentally, has written a brillant and inspiring post today!) I wear this frock quite a bit, it's a brillant LBD that fits like a dream!
Scarf-made by moi
Shoes-Hannah's sale
Handbag-vintage, opshopped
Pendant-vintage, opshopped.

Feck I love frocking up and posing!


Vintage Vixen said...

Hey baby, you'd certainly give old Madge a run for her money in that frock, it's amazingly hot on you. Hoorah for the LBD, I'm still looking for mine. Loving the red tights and the amount of lipstick red in your posts lately, it's a colour I'm lacking in...much do better.
Fabulous to chat this morning!
Love you

Louise said...

I have used my (ok, hubbys) gorillapod a couple of times, but I keep feeling really self concious about stopping in the middle of somewhere and taking my photograph. It's really silly... I need to get some super Helga powers and start loving the self portraiture. Great shots by the way.


Mazzy Boy said...

LOVE the Madge the Vag frock from her H&M collection. We're finally getting an H&M here in Portland, I cannot wait!!!

Alex said...

You frock up better than almost anyone. Vix picked another good 'un with that lovely LBD and you know of my love for those shoes!

ps - excellent work to pick that spot - the paint on the floor matches your tights perfectly!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Fek me - I love to see you dressing up! The shoes are so goddamn gorgeous and the tights and bag - ga! xoxoxoo

Mrs Munster said...

These are just freaking awesome photos. Loving the graffitti in the back and as always, you are like a piece of art!

Kelly said...

Good frocking up. Love the background, bit of graffiti works perfectly against your lovely outfit.


La Dama said...

again love your vestido (dress),scarf,shoes..oh the graffitti back drop..such good idea for you to pose there..you look like "G" drop you off at left..like a damsel in distress.

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-a gorgeous LBD and love the background too, looking lovely as ever! x