I must have been a good girl

Cos I came home to a parcel of deliciousness from my darling twin Vix ,the sexy minx!!!
So, I promptly popped on one of the frocks to go out to the Ron Mueck exhibition!
I'm wearing it with my fab new heels, just as Vix envisaged!
Plus fishnets(Farmers, I expect), opshopped belt, and vintage coat G spotted in an opshop. Plus my standard vintage handbag! Underneath is a tutu (not vintage).

Had a coffee after the exhibition, which was rather good! (The exhibition, that is. The coffee was fine too!)
This is Richard.
I had to pop on the other frock from my parcel, to show it off, plus I have an opshopped cardi on, as it is fricking chilly today!
There are many delightful goodies in my parcel, so many I may pass out with excitement!!!
Thank you sweet Vix!!! I love you!!!
Right now we are chilling out to the sounds of The Specials and The Clash, drinking Richard's homebrew(he wins awards!) and gin. (Me, of course.)
We'll see where the evening takes us.........
* I think the challenge is on for the messiest wardrobe, judging by the comments on my last post!!!!


Miss Claire said...

Lovely new frocks!! I saw the Ron Mueck exhibition when it was in Melbourne...very cool! And a little sad at times.

I like your pink cardi too :)

xx C

Alex said...

Speaking of parcels - you tinker!! I totally wasn't expecting that and it completely made my morning! Mwah!!

I love the frock Vix sent you - the neckline and sleeve detail is awesome. The big red cardi is fab too - I really like longer length cardis on you.

Kelly said...

I love both the frocks the lovely Vix sent you. The 2nd one is the winner though, love the colours.

Snap on the music front, had The Clash on the way to work this morning. Specials might just have to be popped on when I get in tonight.


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh my! They both look fabulous on you, my darling! The sleeves on the top one are just incredibly current for a frock thirty years old.
The gallery looks very homely, and Richard looks divine.
Ha! Ghost Town, a song to describe most of the West Midlands.
Have a wonderful weekend,

La Dama said...

ooh i love the sleeves on that dress..you look great in everything..happy halloween Helgita!

The Sequin Cat said...

Love the black and white outfit!