I was touched

I just finished this novel:

and loved it.
But how to explain what I loved about it?!
I find that I am far too deep in my head to find the words to explain myself at the best of times!
This novel just resonated with me, and I am excited to find that the author,Connie May Fowler , has 5 other novels and a memoir for me to hunt down!
When I find a writer or musician I like, I get all obsessive......
I hope her other novels are as good. I checked out the synopsis', and they do look to be just as compelling. I think it may be a sense of melancholy, and beautiful descriptions that appeal to me.
Lisa St Aubin de Teran has long been a favourite of mine, I particularly love her novel "The Slow Train to Milan", but is really her personality and her life that captivates me! She's very eccentric, and has lived an interesting life. Her memoirs "A Valley in Italy", "Memoirs of a Train Addict" and "Memory Maps" I have read and re-read and will re-read again!
My interest in Connie May Fowler is definetly piqued by the fact that she has a memoir out....I love to know what makes artistic types tick.
How do these people make such sense of what to me is wordless subconcious?? Sometimes I read a novel and think,I feel that, or I know what she means, but I could never find the words to express it. I can't even explain myself now!!! LOL!
I guess I'm more of a demonstrative type, very touchy/feely.
I wore my flowery bicycle helmet this morning!!!
It's still not quite finished; it's a bit mohawkish(which looks fab,Kibitz Knitz!! You MUST do it!!), and I need some more flowers. G wants me to put some astro-turf and a picket fence around the bottom!! We bought a plastic weta (a NZ critter) and a bumble bee for it the other day, so I have to get those glued on.
I was amazed, I only got honked at once. But it was early(between 6:30-7am).
On the way home I'm sure I'll get a more satisfactory response.
*Thank you for the positive comments re the denim frock!
It's nice to get feedback when trying something new!!
So pleased no one said I looked like a dick!


Disco Goth said...

You never look like a dick!
Your helmet just gets better and better (sorry...!), you HAVE to fence round it tee hee!


Vintage Vixen said...

I need to see the helmet! Don't tease us like this.
I'm going to look out for Ms Fowler as I loved Lisa St Aubin de Teran, too.
I never failt o marvel at the power of books, for every crap, self-indulgent tomw (Eat, Pray,Love) there's a God Of Small Things awaiting discovery.
That denim dress rocked. You couldn't look a dick even in a velour tracksuit and crocs.
Lots of love,

Ivy Black said...

Dying to see the helmet! You'll never look like a dick, love... not even if you were in a dick costume going to a come- as- a- dick party...xxx

Alex said...

Ahahaha, Ivy's comment made me giggle. So very true!

Post pics of the helmet! The description is glorious so I'm dying to see it.

Book recommendations too, yay. I shall add some of those to my Amazon wish list.