In the navy

We popped up the road this morning to choose something to plant on Boris' grave.
We ended up with 2 rhododendron's, one purple and one red, plus a kaffir lime tree.

Aside from a brief spat of rain,it has been a glorious hot sunny day. Bit windy, though. Perfect day for airing the house and pottering around.
G has planted one of the rhodos out in the front garden-the red one,I think-and the other by my baby's grave. The kaffir lime with go next to it.
I'm wearing:
Frock-vintage, opshopped
Scarf-vintage, opshopped
Knee highs-opshopped
Shoes-vintage, opshopped
Bag-vintage, opshopped
Hairbow-Asian shop
This evening, Justine and I are taking Baby Rose into Victoria Square for the annual Indian Diwali festival. I think it might go all week, and this is the opening. Not sure. Am quite looking forward to it. Nice to do something a little different!
*I had a bit of a meep yesterday, didn't I?!
Thank you all for your wonderfully supportive words, you can all hang out with me anytime.
Rock on, fabulous ladies!


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Those sunnies are insane!!! They look so fabulous on you, actually you are fabulous so you make the sunnies look good:). Shoes - YUM! Hairbow - dig it! It's the little details eh? I love Diwali. My neighbours used to invite me over as a kid and stuff masses of delicious Indian sweets down me - good times:) xoxo

Alex said...

Ah what a nice thought. We planted a rose over Kimba's grave because she was such a sweet, girly sort of cat, but I like the idea of Boris being watched over by a big vibrant rhododendron (can't spell that word!)

Love the frock and scarf combo!

Louise said...

I love the dress, but I love the bag even more. I need to look out for a bag like that in my local charidee shop I reckon, it looks like it holds loads, and y'know, you can never have too many bags :)

I hope your feeling better soon lovely glamorous lady.


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh.My.God! More fabulous Air Hostess retro-chic! I love it all and the bag is astounding! I'd rather like an extreme close-up of those shoes when you've a minute free after your Diwali cavortings. Our park does a joint Guy Fawkes/Diwali celebration which is lovely and unites the locals.
Don't rhododenron's change colour accoring to the soil they are planted in? Ours always go blue.
Speak soon, my darling twin.

MyStyle said...

Hi there-hope you're having a fabulous time this weekend, thats a great outfit and I do love your maxi skirt that Vix sent you too! x

giddynici said...

What a lovely thought. And a lovely little rememberance.
Glad the new bag got such a quick outing, it's great. Fab outfit, the little neck scarf is pretty. x