It's all about the legs!

Well, all those compliments about my legs have just gone to my head!!
I had to get the girls out, and glam them up, as I'm quite pumped about these legs my Mama blessed me with. I've always been pretty confident about them, and now even more so!!
I'm wearing:
Frock-made out of a vintage skirt quite a few years ago
Shoes-Trade Me
Hairpiece-clever Jem
We had G's Mama and her boarder, Waveney (who is really another family member now,and as eccentric as the rest of us) over for lunch. G's Mama has been a bit under the weather lately, unfortunately. I just love her-she has more than stepped in for me since my Mama passed, and is just an exemplary human being!
It made for a lovely Labour Day afternoon!
After they left, we watched a movie, "Sweetie", directed by Jane Campion. It's an Aussie film, and I can't figure how I didn't see it when it came out in 1989. It's got all the elements I like-quirky characters, black humour, odd little directional tricks. And just general weirdness!! Jane Campion is a Kiwi, and I've always loved her style. The Piano" and "Portrait of a Lady" are just 2 of my faves, and I really liked "In the Cut", despite it being panned. (oo,Meg Ryan boobies!)
I also like the lead actress, Genevieve Lemon, a lot. She's incredibly brave (nude! not a size 10!),and has the sweetest face, with the cutest slightly crooked grin. I haven't seen her in an awful lot, unfortunately. There really is something a little different about Aussie & Kiwi films, and it really works for me.
Just to completely change the subject, I have been eyeing with some interest some posts on Oranges and Apples re, basically, how to write a good blog, what makes a good blog, what, if I am understanding correctly, amounts to this person's rules for blogging. I mention this, as I see lovely Reva talking about re-vamping her blog, and I hope it is for herself, because I wonder why, when we live by so many rules day to day, is there some idea that a blog has to be a certain way when to me it amounts to a personal diary, and if I can't be myself-erratic as that may be, then I feel sad!!! No offense to anybody, but if you don't like what you are reading/viewing, then perhaps this isn't the blog for you! I assume that if you are reading, you are just as warped as me! YOU have the power!! We ALL have the power! If you don't like whatever you are looking at, just have a look for something you do like!! I'm all for creative criticism, and have taken a little on myself. I enjoy blogging as a place for self expression, for creativity, to meet (so to speak) other fabulous people with similar sensibilities!!
Sure, my blog is a bit all over the place-but so am I.
Sure, my blog is a little crass-but so am I.
Sure, my blog is largely about hedonism and fanciful frocking up-but that's who I am.
I don't like rules.
Certainly, if you need some help and ideas on how to write a blog, then this is good advice. And besides, the lass who writes this blog is pretty styley and seems lovely, and clearly is intelligent and articulate. Perfect blogging just isn't my style!!!
Sorry if I sound angsty, but I simply had to verbalise.....
Ha-my blogger tip is:
Be Yourself!!
And have a HOOT!!!


Rosina Lee said...

agreed! There are posts I have done and not published because I worried about how people would percieve them or me which is completly crap as I am just self sensoring myself and who I am. I admire your spunk and sense of humour its refreshing, honest and I get a sense that I know you. Keep it up.
XX Rosina Lee

sacramento said...

You do have good legs, and I love you all in pink. A colour soooooooooooo close to my heart.

Sarah said...

Love love love that frock.

And AMEN - thank you for reminding us why we blog in the first place. It can be awfully confronting to 'be yourself' out here in scary internet land, where we don't know who is looking or how they are judging... Which is one of the reasons I love your blog so much Helga - you seem to be so genuinely unaffected and honest and HAPPY. Good for you. You are inspirational. xxx

Ivy Black said...

Totally with you on this Helga. Blog rules...? I'm not sure about this one. Isn't this the place for self expression? I couldn't write a blog unless I was 'me' in it and if anyone likes it great, if they don't great. That's why I lurve your blog...I feel like I'm getting Helga. I don't feel like you 've sat down an written a full length blog plan beforehand. I think issue is going to raise it's head.
On another is it you get a fabulous pair of pins as well as a magnificent set of chests?!!!

Franca said...

Hello, I posted this on my blog in response to your comment, but I wanted to add it here as well, because I'm really not comfortable with the suggestion that I'm trying to make everyone follow the same rules.

That post was were really just meant to be tips of what you can do to make stuff more readable - I didn't use the word rules anywhere and i really wasn't criticising! I absolutely agree that everyone should do what they want!

Anyway, here's my comment from over there:

Helga, you're right, everyone has their own style, and that's great. Every blog will find its niche.

These really weren't meant to be rules to follow word for word, just things that I found to work *if your aim is to make long writing more readable for more people*. If that's not what you want to do, I'm not criticising! It's just that lots of people were complaining about long posts and I disagree that long posts are offputting per se.

I should maybe also say that I do a lot of written communication in my day job (I'm a government social researcher), and spend an innordinate amount of time thinking about how I can get lots of information across and pull out key points for people that are very busy and will just ignore stuff if they think it's too difficult to read. So this is where I'm coming from, I'm a factual writer, not really a creative one.

Kelly said...

Agreed on the legs and the be yourself blog front.

Alex said...

I find the "how to blog" posts quite helpful every now and then - not as a blogging Bible or anything, but you can find some really useful tips in there. Eg, I'd never have known how to make my photos bigger without a post on Gem Fatale's blog a while back. It's all about working tips into your own style and ignoring the bits you don't agree with.

By the way, I LOVE that frock. Do you think you might be converting me to liking pink?

Camelia Crinoline said...

Loving all the pink. Great legs too. Rules are made to be broken after all but I think some people might find it helpful having some guidance. That said I love your posts and that you are exactly the same here as you are in real life.

Calamity Jem said...

Dearest Helga,
Anarchy in Blogland, yay!
There is always going to be some grey suited people wanting to standardize everything into homogenous formulae and perhaps even more disconcerting, people that will go along with rules like neurotic lemmings.
Helga you are a true rebel & that’s why I visit everyday!
I know that I'm not going to get some carbon copy blog post or a never-ending plethora of glossy magazine scans with airbrushed models wearing outfits that I could never afford.
What really turns me off a blog is when I feel that its writer is completely desperado for the readers to like them and as such only put things out there that they know other people will harmonize with.
When it’s obvious to me that they have modelled their blog on the more “popular” ones in Blogland instead of finding their own true style & individuality.
Helga von Trollop doesn’t like rules & that’s one of the main reasons to why I love her!
I also have to say that both Mark & I think that you are looking mighty fine today my dear, your pins are magnificent!
Lot’s of love,

Syrious said...

hahahah super cute!!
love your blog i'm following you!!!
please also visit


Vintage Vixen said...

Check out your legs,lady!!!!!
Bleeding virus! I was there this morning but the computer said NAH!!! Maybe tomorrow, if you haven't got bigger and better plans.
You look magnificent in pink but there again you look magnificent in everything you put on your freaking back!
Blog rules? As the great Helga would say, feck off if you're not happy. The internet's one of the few places where we are free to express ourselves if we please and if people like it all the more fun.
Love you,

Mrs Munster said...

Nice stems youäve got there :) I think the "blog-rules" are to help to acheive more readers = more comments = feeling you accomplish something in your life. There are SOOOO many blogs that are just about getting 50+ comments adoring what a wonderful life you have...

La Dama said...

I want to see more piernas (legs)..wear shorter skirts dont waste those lovely long legs.
those movies sound interesting ..i like weard movies.

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-well said post and I love your blog, unique and fun filled and you look so stylish as usual-just loving that dress, its gorgeous! xx

La Dama said...

oh yes I agree..there is no perfect way to write a blog!

Helga! said...


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Quick! The smelling salts! Why aren't more redheads wearing pink? You are completely nailing it and we need more rangas to stand up and be counted. Jem's headpiece is swoony and the skirt-to-dress is inspirational. I must do this for summer. Blogging? It's simple like you say. Be yourself. God I'm so glad I found you!!! xoxo