Jazz Hands

Fun times yesterday afternoon.
Am off for a wax shortly, might check out Savemart on the way back, then it'll be a nana nap for me, as we have a gig at El Santo in Lyttleton tonight!
I think I know what I will wear!
Tomorrow we are popping up to Kaikoura for 1 night, to visit our friends Dave & Jana.
Have wild times!!
Frock- the amazing Jem
Socks-Sydney markets
Hairflower-my beloved Vix


KibitzKnitz said...

Helga in Motion!! Those 'R some dance move you got there, Lady! :^) Have great gig.

Mazzy Boy said...

Bye bye mein lieber herr...farewell mein lieber herr...it was a fine affair...

Oh all these pics that I got to catch up on were absolutely divine. All your friends in their vintage going bananas and having fun with it...truly class act babes!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Action shots from the divine Miss VT! It's almost like having you here in the flesh, how marvellous.
I adore that pink frock on you, didn't Jem choose well? It looks like it was made for you!
Can't believe it's waxing time again, time flies.
Lots of love,

RETRO REVA said...

Great frock!!!!!!!!
Wish I was there to go thrifting with you and also Vix. The U.S. is "vintage poor" (usually in my nick of the wood).
Love the dance !!!!!!!
Did you get it on Lunapix? I LOVE that site and am so hooked :)
Dance on, Baby!!!

Alex said...

Impressive moves!! You're a vision in pink.

Kandi said...

Wonderful moves, that has worked really well! Looking fab in the pink, the boots are incredible. My mum has some very similar in brown when I was a kid and they were one of my favorite dressing up items ~ happy days.
Kandi x

La Dama said...

your such a cosmic dancer..love your vestido(dress)
guess what? I nomitated your crazy beautiful blog, for a " One lovely Blog Award"
check it out!

Cara said...

Haha love this!
Your boots are so cool <3<3

x x x

Helga! said...

Rock on,lovelies.XXX

sacramento said...

You are lovely and so funny.
Love your pink dancing post.I have a big smile, he, he.


sacramento said...

I am following you now.
Un abrazo from Spain

Laura said...

Your dances moves made me smile no end! Looking fabulous - as ever Ms Trollop!

Disco Goth said...

LOOK AT THOSE BOOTS! I am in lurve...