A little pick-me-up

I came home yesterday to a parcel from the wonderful Miss Kitty !
How very timely!
In it was the awesome frock above, for which, to my matchy-matchy delight, I have just the right blue cardi!

And, this incredibly fabulous frock, which will look simply sublime for the cruise!

Pink! Floral! Lurex!

All boxes ticked!!!

This handbag, perfect for Summer, and inside was a pair of delicious white gloves, a wee pretty hairclip, a dazzling glomesh purse(I'm rather into gold right now) and what I think are thingys for shoes, to keep their shape?? Forgive me if I'm wrong!

Thank you, Kitty darling, for these fantabulous treats!!!

G took a couple of pix of me relaxing with my Boris last night. We had a long, quiet snuggle.
The wee darling is off to the vet again this morning.
He hasn't eaten, been to the loo, or had a drink, and he doesn't like to be picked up. His breathing seems laboured,and he has a weird deathy smell.
It doesn't seem at all good.
Thank you all for your wonderful words of support and sympathy yesterday.
I will let you know later how we got on.

To finish for today, below is an awesome crimplene shirt I scored for G at the Kaikoura dump on Sunday morning for a whole $1.
It goes perfectly with his PGA pants, and is just his size, and in excellent condition!




Vintage Vixen said...

Hoorah for Kitty! What awesome treats to cheer you up. The blue frock is beautiful on you and I can't wait to see you sporting the glorious pink maxi.
Boris looks remarkably chipper, doesn't he? He's a brave little solider, my pussies are sending him lots of virtual love and licks.
Jon would kill for G's shirt, that's just his style and colour, too. Bargain!
Loads of love,

Ivy Black said...

Gorgeous frocks, H....and a timely treat for you indeed.
You take it easy and give Boris a little snuggle from me.xxx

Bonnie said...

What lovely photos of you and Boris. BTW, my Kitty sends a shout out to Boris!

You look great in your matchy-match new blue outfit. Blue is my faveorite color. What a lovely box of delights from Miss Kitty!

Comtesse de ferveur said...

I really hope poor Boris improves, the pet! You look lovely in the blue - keep the spirits up!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Your parcel was perfect timing for a bit of a pick-me-up:). I can't wait to see you in the pink floral number and isn't that blue just delish! I love gold glomesh purses too - yum! xo

Kitty said...

Oh yay, the blue dress looks to fit well! Sad news on Boris though...There should have been 2 of those hairclips, don't know what happened there!