Moving right along......

As best we can, anyhow.
It was all a bit messy yesterday, and I am missing him terribly already.
But, life does go on.
Thank you all for your wonderful support and sweet words!
It really does help.
Here's a few bits and pieces:
This pic was taken last Friday, and I just had too many other things to post at the time so this got put aside.
I'm wearing the other frock dear Jem sent.
With it, an opshopped cardi and shoes, and tights from Farmers.
The necklace was a gift from G, the earrings opshopped, and the bow from an Asian shop.
Being still in a regular aftershock zone, we have a lot of things-particularly from my sewing/dressing room, still living on the floor.
These cases have been in the Pasadena Room, along with my shoes and handbags. G needed to make space for a Snuffbox practice, so these were lined up in the loungeroom, and I just liked the way they looked.

This pic is a little older.
Something a bit different for me!
Nix found this frock whilst opshopping and gave it to me. Fits like a glove!
Despite never wearing jeans, I actually really like denim as a fabric, and have long fancied a denim frock, but had never found one I liked. This one is pretty cool. I feel rather utilitarian in it!
Everything I am wearing with it, with the exception of the tights (gift from nice sister-in-law) is opshopped.
It's not my usual girly type of frock, but I like it.
What think you, o fabulous audience?!
I don't think it'll take too long for me to regain my sense of humour, so bear with me, dear readers!
I'm going to need to break out and behave badly very soon.....
You all ROCK!


Ivy Black said...

...and you rock, the rockingest rocker that ever rocked!
I do like a nice denim dress. Yours is lovely, it's a good cut. Take it easy. xxx

Kitty said...

I quite like the denim dress, I too never wear denim as a rule, but then who gives a shit about rules? ha ha :)

MyStyle said...

Hi there-Both dresses look just fabulous and the denim especially is a great style and cut. Wishing you a nice week ahead, take care xx

giddynici said...

The suitcases do look rather fab in their little row like that. I really like the denim dress though you've hidden away your awesome legs!! x

Kelly said...

You look stunning in both outfits, love the denim look as it is so different to your usual get up.
As always great jewellery, pretty hair.


Alex said...

I really really like that denim dress. It looks fab on you. I have visions of you dressed incredibly glamorously for safari in a khaki version and a pith helmet. God that would be marvellous - if you get one, you MUST post many photos.

The one Jem sent you is tres snazzy, but not as snazzy as all those amazing suitcases! Dunno why you were lusting after my red weekend case when you have that selection to choose from!

Vintage Vixen said...

Good god, look at those cases! Jealous!
I'm loving BOTH the dress Jem sent and the denim one, but there agian you look fabulous in everything you wear and despite the sadness you still make us all happy just looking at you.
Loads of love,

La Dama said...

I too love the denim always looks so lovely..kep chin up hun.

Louise said...

Sending lots of love your way lovely Helga. x

Helga! said...

You are such a bunch of darlings.

Disco Goth said...

I like the denim dress on you a lot. I always feel somehow wrong wearing it, like you say possibly a bit utilitarian but I do like it on other people.
The hat was a tiny bit on the neat side but that's not too much of a problem with my narrow head. I have a cunning plan....