Once I was a cabbage

I'm a very messy girl.
Normally, I am reasonably tidy, and hate my clothes over the floor, but lately something has got into me and I am just tossing things left right and centre!!!
Maybe it's mid-life rebellion?!
I was quite disgusted with myself last night, so thought I'd show you what a pigsty I'm living in at present. Of course, I didn't do anything about it!!
That's my mission later today.
Yeah, later.
Some lovely friends of ours arrived from Dunedin yester-evening.
Here I am about to cook dinner for them, wearing my wonderfully comfy caftan that my darling Vix sent a while back, and clutching a gin & tonic. (I had a few too many of those over the course of the evening and am a bit seedy this morning.) I cooked stir fry veges, spicey tofu & noodles.(I'll cook it for y'all next week).
Then our friends(Tracey & Richard) went off to see Rufus Wainwright in town, and Snuffbox had a practice.
It promises to be an eventful weekend!
This afternoon Tracey, Richard & I are going to the Christchurch Art Gallery to see the Ron Mueck exhibition (culture, darlings), and then maybe a spot of opshopping. I think tomorrow we'll have a bbq, and on Sunday we're all going to a high school fair (the school Nix works at, she has organised this fair! What a wiz!), then Sunday afternoon Tracey, Richard & G go to Banks Peninsula, where they'll be doing a walk for a few days, back Wednesday, then Wednesday night, Tracey, Richard & I go to Leonard Cohen!!
And who knows what else we'll squeeze in!
Anyway, look at my lovely irises!!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Call that a tip? You want to come round to my bedroom some mornings! I'd so love to have a rummage through those rails, my darling, there's some right treasures lurking there.
That kaftan is just fabulous on you, the old woman who tried to wrestle it off me in the Charity shop would be green with envy.
You're going to be so busy, bugger the tidying and have fun.
Love you,

Crystal Lee said...

How exciting that you're going to see Leonard Cohen!!!

Cara said...

Haha I always always throw all my clothes out of my wardrobe every morning getting dressed. And then have to put everything back that night!
I tried tofu once (i'm veggie) at a chinese restaurant and...eck. It wasn't pretty. It is meant to be soggy and eggy inside? I'd say yours is lovely!

x x x x

Penny Dreadful said...

Your rail of clothes looks so similar to Vix's wardrobe, lol. Two peas in a pod you two.

Roo Paprika said...

You think that's a mess? That's my flat on a good day. Pretty pretty irises. I used to grow gladioli on my allotment as a weird Morrissey tribute - they weren't very tasty

Alex said...

The irises are beautiful! I miss spring :(

Haha, call that a messy bedroom? I don't dare take photos of mine when it's really bad - you would all accuse me of living like a tramp. Piles of rubbish everywhere.

RETRO REVA said...

Ya call that messy ;)
I swear I just popped off some photos of my guest bedroom/closet and it is hard to even get into!!!
I started clearing and re-doing it months ago and am still left with piles of stuff all over!
I am actually thinking of making it a giant closet, with a bed for piling stuff on ;)
I have a walk-in as well filled to the brim, 3 double closets (filled).
I may be on the nest episode of 'Hoarder's" LOL!

Mrs Munster said...

Poor me don't even have a clothes rack anymore. I had a WHOLE ROOM for my clothes, shoes & make-up. My own walk-in-wardrobe. Now my lil one has a room for himself, as has my hubby for his stuff. I've got a freaking chest of drawers for my clothes and a tiny corner in our bedroom. Now, how's that fair? Loving the house-wifey look in your kaftan :)

La Dama said...

I like too rummage through your racks of dresses..
I have my junk everywheremlol