Pom Tiddly Pom

It's G's birthday tomorrow!
Known as "G Day" in our house, we've taken today off for a long weekend of festivities, starting with our gig at the Dux de Lux last night!
Above is my G having his first beer of his G Day weekend at soundcheck.
He is having a "Blue Duck", I think. The Dux brew their own beer, and therefore only sell their own beer on tap, and G doesn't really rate it!
Nix rocked in from work for soundcheck looking this hot.
Fab outfit, Nix!!

So here I am at in the Dux loos later on, taking pix of myself, as you do.
The frock is vintage, and was a $4 bargain at Tasman Traders. Someone has ripped out the lining, and I feel a bit like a sausage squeezed into it, but I love it!

The hairbow is for D's stepdaughter, but it went so perfectly I had to "test" it.
The pendant is from Oaxaca, and I strung the beads for it. It's actually meant to be a little wall hanging, but I felt it better as a super dooper pendant!

The little handbag was a gift some years ago, and is ever so delicate and sweet, just like me!

G and Nix watching Lupus Lunar, the support band, who are rather awesome!
Swallow that microphone!

Ta da!
So, today we are doing some house tidying in anticipation of the G Day party tomorrow night. Our lovely friend Ralph is flying in from Wellington tonight, so I have to make room for him to sleep in my sewing/dressing room. Which means finishing G's leopard print waistcoat this arvo!
Tonight we are going into town for dinner, and maybe a few drinks. We haven't decided where, yet. We're going to play it by ear.
have jolly times!
We're going to!


Calamity Jem said...

Hope you have a fantabulous b'day!

Helga, that get-up is totally stunning, I love the dress...SPECTACULAR!
There's a wee parcel winging it's way to you, should arrive within the next week...didn't use donkey mail this time.

Have fun you guys!
Lot's of love,

juxtapose nz said...

Happy B'day, G.
Busy too, Hel, working on new govt policies to help Canty earthquake victims - good news coming your way soon. But it's 4.15pm Fri, glass of Sav at my desk... have a great weekend!

Vintage Vixen said...

Happy Birthday, G Man!!!!
Good to see the party has started already, wish I could pop along and join in the festivities.
You look absolutely beautiful, the pink frock, shoes, cardi and pendant are all totally fabulous on you, love it all.
Love You!

sarah_ontheroad said...


Happy Birthday G!

Helga - would love to see a set list some time.

Happy weekend all.


Ivy Black said...

Good on ya! Have a great G Day. That dress is gorgeous.

Alex said...

Bon anniversaire G! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend with an absolute excess of food, wine and frolics.

You are looking splendiferous in your pink outfit - not a hint of squeezed sausage going on, you maddo!

KibitzKnitz said...

Happy Birthday G!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and your best year yet!

Young at Heart said...

you look fabulous....loving the necklace I want one!!

Mazzy Boy said...

Happy Birthday G! I hope you don't throw up this time Helga (wink)! Love the outfit as usual...and the hair is divine.

You're priceless!

Miss Smilla said...

I'm drooling over that dress (and the matching tights and sandals). Perfection! Hope G had a great birthday!

Fiona Timantti said...

Oh! I love that Virgin Mary necklace!