Potentially Alien

I just think I look a bit Alien in this pic......!!!
The brass key I found at an opshop on Friday, and I like how big it is.....aha, yeah, I like 'em big....
I went to a church fair yesterday morning, the Holy Trinity church, no less.
I went along last year, and it was shite.
But I decided to give them a second chance this year. And I picked up a little loot; see above.
2 novels, 2 light cardi's, a handbag, some stay up's and a necklace.
I was happy enough with that!
I also picked up some baby parsley & mint plants, much needed as I use both a fair bit.
I'm actually wearing the beigey cardi in the pix above, and a vintage frock I've had for years.
Last night Jo was having her house-warming and champagne party.....we weren't really feeling like going out, but made the effort.

I was gagging to wear those new shoes; and I had just finished trimming and shortening this frock.
I am also wearing lurex fishnets, but they aren't really showing the sparkle in the pic.
G is wearing the jacket I made him last year, some ancient jeans, sneakers from Sukhothai and I think underneath the jacket is a jumper he got in Sydney a couple of years ago.
My red frock I got off Trade Me a while back, it was very plain and a bit too long, so I had only worn it the once. A jazzing up was required, and I am much happier with it now!
My booboids look positively dangerous!
Ooo,the sparkle of the lurex is more visible here.
Jo lives in Lyttleton, (I may have mentioned this before) and Lyttleton has steep streets, so of course, Jo lives at the top of a rather steep street.....trying to walk there after getting out of the car was a fecking bitch!! I thought I was gonna break my knees!!
Still, beauty is pain.
We didn't stay very long. Poor old buggers that we are, we went home about 10:30, hopped into bed with our books and then had a fabulous...........sleep.
Feeling very refreshed this morning, we popped up the road...but I'll post those pix later.........
Yeah, later*.
* If you haven't seen "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" this frequent expression of mine may well be lost on you. Sorry.
**Oh-thanks to the lovely Reva , the fun picture effects I've been getting into can be done via:Lunapic . There's some cool stuff you can do, and I've just been mucking around a bit. Check it out, it's free!


Miss Claire said...

I love it that your outfits match so nicely! And Helga, you have killer legs!!!!

You make a gorgeous couple :) Good on you for making the effort to go out...I often miss things because I'm feeling sleepy or under-the-weather...That's something I need to work on!

xx Claire

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Holy Christ almighty!!!!!! Look at those super-sexy pegs in your utterly gorgeous and covetable lurex fishnets! That dress is a total winner - so glad to see someone adjusting vintage to suit themselves. Red is YOUR colour - I can never wear it again after seeing you in it - coz you now OWN it!!!! I actually need those shoes - they have been teasing me for too long now. xoxo

Alex said...

Bloody hell, for two people who weren't even in the mood to go out, you look bloody amazing!! LOVE that red frock - absolutely perfect on you and shows off those outstanding legs of yours wonderfully.

giddynici said...

Good finds this year then! Well done. And what a sensational looking couple. Love that Gs shoes coordinate with your dress. Your shoes and tights are awesome and your legs are to die for. x

Vintage Vixen said...

Love you in red, my darling! How thoughtful of G to wear footwear to match his sweetheart, too. Those sparkly tights really show up on my screen....love them! Might have to dig mine out in your honour.
Great stash from the church sale, very ladylike.
Love you!

Kelly said...

You look such a fox! Great pair of legs. And fab boob work!


Louise said...

Oooh Helga, check out those pins. You look stunningly fabuloso!!! Red is definitely your colour. I love the little vintage bag you got too! xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

The little lacey bag you picked up looks fab. But even more I LOVE your red mini dress, it is just the sort of thing I wear too. Isn't it great that even if you are SO not in the mood to go out, throw on a dress like that and suddenly you look like a party girl x

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
In the words of ZZ Top...She's Got Legs!
YOWZA YOWZA YOWZA CHICK...you look sublime!
That red frock is amazing & you've styled it to perfection.
I love what G is wearing too, triple style points for wearing red shoes ;)
Lot's of love,

Helga! said...

eeeek,you darlings have just made my morning!!!
Dang,gonna have to wear a mini today!!!

Disco Goth said...

You both look stunning! I have lurex fishnets but only wore them once as they gave me elephant legs and I don't have elephant legs! They are fab on you =) xx

La Dama said...

great church finds..love the cardis and books..the fishnets stockings are divine..love sparkle and don you look red hot mama in those killers shoes..they go so well with red dress.