Shed a little light on this

Bloody hell!
Stop this freakin' rollercoaster before I puke!!
Jeez. We had a scary aftershock yesterday morning, which despite feeling like a whopper, was only actually 5.0-but it was only 9km deep and centred 10km South West of Christchurch.
Made my stomach churn a bit! They just keep on rolling in!
On the plus, the more we have, the more pressure is released, and the less & less likely we'll get another big one.
Then, last night, Justine's darling kitty cat passed away.
Before you think, o crap, Helga's blog is all doom and gloom......
I'm gonna tell you a joke!
Q: What's the worst thing about unloading a truckload of dead babies?
A:Finding a live one at the bottom eating it's way to the top.
A little crass, perhaps?
Crass is one of my specialties, actually.
What I'd really like to do today is hang out in a beer garden somewhere, enjoying the sunshine, and getting quietly plonked!
Alcohol is not the answer, but it sure can be relaxing!
Anyhoos-it's Helga Q & A time!!
Has anyone got any pressing questions they'd like me to answer??
Preferably nothing scientific, just anything about myself that you'd like to know?
You've got until the end of the week, we'll say Friday, then over the weekend I shall answer your questions as best and as honestly as I can!
I'm so sure you're all just gagging to know intimate details about me......
Or just gagging!

*O, I am wearing:

Frock-vintage, opshopped



Coat-vintage, opshopped

Hairbow-made by moi



Handbag-vintage, opshopped


**Ivy has tagged me, and it looks like fun-thanks Ivy!!I will look at that tonight, cos there are some tough decisions to be made re fave film etc......x


jungleworldcitizen said...

The sun shining in the background only added to the beautiful ensemble you put together!
Have a lovely Wednesday!

Jungle World Citizen

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear!! Just love this outfit, especially the coat, it rocks!! Have a great week ahead! xx

Ivy Black said...

Oooh yeah...I've got a question. I'm guessing you've seen Barbarella...what's your favourite bit?
Mine's the attack of the nasty walking dolls. I really wanted one when I was a kid!
Someone else told me that baby joke the other day and I laughed like a

Louise said...

If you were being sent to a desert island, and could only take 3 items with you, what would they be?

Original hey? Lol. xx

Kandi said...

That joke is my type of thing ~ sick :)
Ok question for ya, do you have any annoying habits?
Kandi x

Vintage Vixen said...

I love the way you've captured the sunrise, tres artistic. Fabulous outfit, especailly that snugglesome coat.
Poor Justine and poor you lot, still suffering aftershocks. SCome and stay with us, we'll protect you for all this badness.
Question - Fantasty dinner party, who would you invite (l;iving or dead) and what would you serve?
Love ya,

giddynici said...

I hope the aftershocks slow down soon! Must be stressful at the moment.

Q - What has been your most proud achievement?


Miss Claire said...

Aww, big love to Justine. Not a lot going well for you New Zealand folk at the moment, is there?

I like your hair bow lots!! Will have to think about a good question for you :)

xx Claire

Anonymous said...

lol dead baby jokes. Love it.
okay my question is: when you were 12, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Miss Claire said...

I do have a question!

Ok, so you're a fabulous vintage queen by day, and a rock star by night, but what is your day job? Answer with as little or much detail as you're comfortable with sharing online :) And do you and G work together?


Alex said...

*chortles quietly to self at the joke*

It's so hard to think of questions! Hmmmm...

What's your absolute favourite piece of clothing? And what's the number one item on your if-I-found-that-in-an-op-shop-I-would-die-of-sheer-joy wishlist?

Ooh and I would very much like to know (because I'm nosy), how you came to live in NZ? Cos I have a feeling I've read somewhere on here that you're from Australia originally... If I'm wrong, give me a smack!

sacramento said...

You are sooooooooooooo funny.
I have just realised that you are from New Zealand. How did I think you were British, uppppppppppp, sorry
Abrazos all the way from South Spain