So lazy

Well,we did absolutely nothing all day except eat and drink.
I am dozing a bit in the sun here, in my second outfit of the day, clutching a G & T.
Frock:vinatge maxi, opshopped and altered by moi
Shoes-80's, gift from Nix and frightfully comfortable.

I made these spinach and parmesan muffins for an afternoon snack.
Mmmmmmmm,warm muffins with butter.....drool

And then for dinner I made a dahl and a dry caulifower/asparagus/pea/potato curry.
Yes, indeed, there has been an abundance of cauliflower & asparagus at our house, as Tracey & Richard brought a massive cauli from their garden, and bought a kilo of asparagus on their way up! I used up all the cauli, and will finish up the asparagus with a massive head of broccoli they also brought up from their garden in a kind of frittata today.
I do enjoy a weekend cooking frenzy!!!
We'll be off to the Rangi Ruru Girls High fair this morning, Nix says there's some decent clothes, wine tasting and all sorts of other delights.It's a really posh school, so it's all donations by monied parents. It'll be interesting, at the very least!!!
Have a delicious Sunday, darlings!


Alex said...

Oh you need to stop featuring such delicious frocks. I am sorely tempted to fly over there and steal that one from your wardrobe!

Have fun at the fair :)

Kandi said...

Oh your muffins look amazing, wow did you make em from scratch, if so how, please share. Good luck with the fair hope you get some treasures!
Kandi x

Louise said...

Love your frock. It looks so sunny and lovely there. Wish we had some sun here now! xxx

Mazzy Boy said...

I like the new frock too. It's always fun coming to see all the combos you come up with. I just finished doing some MAJOR catching up on this blog from the past several, and I do agree with everyone that you have delish legs my dear.

My thoughts are with Boris, and you and G. I know that he is playing with Zappa in Kittyland...It is nice that you have been getting out in the spring (it is strange for me to say Spring in November...) and having fun. Those muffins look idea you knew your muff so well ;)


Miss Claire said...

Oh my, those muffins look divine!! Any chance of sending us a link or recipe? Good luck at the sale!!

xx Claire

Helga! said...

I'll post the muffin recipe this week,lovelies!!

Sarah said...

That dress! The fabric! The colours! Oooh please please please do a close up of the fabric for us Helga! xxx

Mrs Munster said...

Looking forward to the spinach and parmesan muffins recipe. They look so delicious as do you in your dress :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Mmmm, I love a savoury muffin! Please DO share!
That dress is divine, what fabulous colours.
Your weekend sounds like perfection, good luck at the fayre, my darling!
Love you!

RETRO REVA said...


sacramento said...

It looks deliciousssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!