Bicycle Love

When I was a youngun, my parents bought me the Purple People Eater.
It was a fecking cool ass bike!

When I was 13, they bought me ...... a green bike.
We were living in the country then, and I rode the shit out of it!

Now I am a woman, and G just bought me a new bike as a very early birthday pressie!
(My b'day is January)
Functional rather than ultra stylish, as we do a lot of miles to and from work.

He has since attached a vintage satchel as a pannier for my wet weather gear etc.
What a good boy he is!

Having a drink on Saturday whilst my new bike was being made ready.

No point in riding it home sober.

It's identical to G's bike, which he got for his birthday, only mine is a midnight blue and has white wall tyres.
Note:Bumpits are not suitable for underneath bike helmets!
It's so zoomy, my ass is gonna be perkier than a 12 year olds!!
There's no holding me back!
Just as well, really, as with the car being written off, and the money we'll get from the perpetrators insurance not being enough to replace it, we won't be getting another car until the new year. Not too problematic, as the weather is so good, just a pain in the ass and bank account.

But you lovelies aren't feckers!!!


A Little Preparation

I simply have to gloat about just how freakin' fantastic our weather has been this last week!


Sunday was no exception. G spent much of it pottering around the garden, I spent much of it pottering around in my sewing/dressing room, which is looking a whole lot better, but still has a way to go.

Justine, Mikel & Baby Rose came around for a while, and we sat on the back deck and sweltered a little in the heat, whilst having a couple of drinks and scoffing hummus with crackers and carrot sticks.

We did a teeny bit of preparation for our trip we have planned for December.

We love to plan our food, and have made an expensive list of things to take for our scoffing pleasure. One of which is marinated feta cheese.

Ridiculously easy.

I cut up 2 blocks of goat feta into chunks, popped them into a jar, then added some partly cracked fresh peppercorns and chopped dried chillies, then poured in (extra virgin, my fave kind!) olive oil until covered.

Now it just sits and festers in the fridge until we go away. (23rd-29th dec)

I'm wearing:

Frock-retro, gift from the splendiferous Jem

Handmade felt flower in hair, necklace and vintage apron-gifts from my beloved Vix .

I'm such a spolit brat!


Cycling Safety at Night

I'm ready!
Flower-Sydney market
Frock-formerly a maxi, opshopped and altered by moi
Cleavage Armour Necklace-my freaky twin Vix
Handbag-vintage, school fair
Whake nets-Trade Me
Shoes-Trade Me

Saturday night's allright for drinking and cycling!

The final of a lame band competition was on at the Dux, and Lupus Lunar, a fave local band, were in it. So we went along to cheer them on!

Copious amounts of vodka and broccoli, along with cycle helmets, make for supreme
nighttime cycling safety. Especially when G plays Camp Mother and leads us into town in an authoritive manner!

I can't stop the music, nobody can stop the music!

We found Amber there!

Si ended up crashed on our couch after he and G stayed up watching "Up In Smoke". He isn't too good today. Maybe that last whiskey wasn't such a good idea?!

Nix went home, as she had kids to deal with this morning. I dread to think how she is feeling!

G is perky as and bouncing around in the garden.

I'm surprisingly perky myself and on a mission to today my sewing/dressing room so that I can actually move in there.

I love Sundays.........


PS-Sarah love, that morsel of pink delight was indeed a pink pinny! It's ever so pretty and delicate!! Handy to know that you are an apron fiend! x

Gap Filler!

Well, the question of what to wear to our gig was easily solved by the most incredibly timely parcel from my darling freaky twin, Vix !!!
I'd had a pretty shitty morning at work, due to finding out that our car is getting written off after the prang last week. This was compounded by the departmental nosy parker walking in whilst I was having a little sob and doing her best to get the goss. Rude cow!
So I was in a big grump when I left work. I stopped at our local Salvation Army in an effort to lose my funk, and was slightly cheered by a few finds, then cycled on home to find a parcel on my doorstep that made me squeal with glee!

This incredible frock and acid yellow fishnets were just 2 of my goodies, and perfect for a summery evening gig!
Vix must have been sniggering when I was prattling on about being inspired by Janeane Garofalo's costumes in Reality Bites! This is sooooo totally the look I'm going on about!

Here's what else was in my parcel! Which, incidentally, had a pic of my sweet hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on it!!!
More Barry M!!! I'm crazy for Barry M!!!
And that necklace is wild!!

And a little close up!

These are the bits and pieces I picked up at the Sallies.
The bra is brillantly pointy, just what I'd been hoping to find!
A basic frock and some more bike shorts. The belt is much wider than I usually like, but I thought I'd give it a go.

And off we went to this Gap Filler thingy!

Such a lovely set up! It was on the site of South of the Border, a Mexican Restaurant G and I had been to many times. It was kinda weird!
The organisers made feel a bit like someones backyard, all cosy and comfy and pretty!

The boys bottom left were having a bbq with a tiny charcoal cooker!

I've never been to Berlin, but I understand there are a lot of arty sites there like this.

After the gig, when it got dark, an amazing documentary was screened, with the most wonderful old Christchurch footage! It was fantastci, and I was mesmerised by the clothes and seeing old Christchurch in motion. G was pointing out buildings that had been demolished before I moved here, and there were views I could recognise that are now very different.


If, my English darlings, you ever wondered what happened to all the old Bedford vans you used to have, they are alive and well in NZ and being used for Mr Whippy vans and coffee vans and other fun things!

Nix, Si, G Ira & Darryl.

It was a great night, and I believe Gap Filler will be moving to different sites around the city!
I love that they are making sad earthquake messes into fun arty experiences!

It's a Friday Funny

Go on.

Laugh it up.

Top left I am 16 or 17, in my school uniform. Nowadays, I actually like that uniform, but back then?? Loathed it with a passion. I was put off that colour for much of my adult life. This book is responsible for me re-discovering this shade of blue, and kindling an adoration of it. After my yapping about collar love yesterday, I remembered my formerly despised school uniform , and luckily found a pic pretty quickly. I'd be happy to wear that right now!
Top right I think I'm also 16/17 ish, deep into my New Romantic phase but looking rather ghastly!! Those are rosary beads around my neck. Actually, I'm having a Madonna phase perhaps? I was certainly in love with David Sylvian!!!

The 2 bottom pics are much earlier. I'm 14! Budding, to be sure.

I think that the frock on the bottom right is similar to the one that sweetheart Claire picked up yesterday! My Mama made both those frocks for me.

Jeez, my hair is appalling in all those pix! You get a gander at my natural colour, though! Mind you, it's more grey these days, I think!


Tonight, we are playing an almost impromptu gig here !

Impromtu in that it was only sorted yesterday!


Hmmm, that was a good movie, actually! Impromptu. Emma Thompson, Judy Davis, a young Hugh Grant. Yes, I liked it a lot!

I like links too.

Have you noticed?!

What am I going to wear tonight?!


Alex , pockets totally rock!! I'm quite obsessed by them too!! xxx

Currently inspired by:

Janeane Garofalo's character in that 90's movie "Reality Bites".

I have no idea why, but she suddenly popped into my head this morning, and I was like "YESSSSSS! That's exactly the look I'm going for right now!"

I couldn't find much in the way of visuals, and had to cobble this collage together out of very little. I freakin' love that blue frock-the collar! The cuffs! The spots!
I definetly (sp?!) have a collar love thing at the moment. Just can't get enough. I've won a green frock with small white spots off Trade Me, and it has a white collar. Yowza!

Am I having a puritannical flashback sort of experience?!

I've never gone for collars before, associating them with prissiness and rampant sanctimony.

But suddenly, fairly recently, I started fair panting to have collars on everything!

Anyway, I wasn't that fussed on the movie, not that I really remember it. I only saw it once. I can't bear Winona's mealy mouthed-ness, nor that dreadful Ethan Hawke. Hawke? More like sqwawk. Ugh. Actually, the only time I've liked Winona is when she got done for shoplifting. She finally seemed interesting.

I also love that teensy fronge (I know that should be fringe, but fronge just looks so good) Janeane has going on. Super cute.

I really liked her in "The Truth About Cats & Dogs".

I quite like that she is all tough and lezzy looking nowdays, with lots of tattoos.

Maybe Winona needs some tattoos. And to smoke lots of ciggys to give that meepy voice some character. And to turn lezzy and ride a Harley. Maybe she should take up cage fighting. Maybe she needs me to be her stylist cum PR lady.

I'd be great for her.


Mazzy, You're my number 1 possum!

This is a make-up special for my sweet nephew/favourite Queen

Mazzy !!!

If you haven't met him, you really ought to!

I came home in a bit of a mood, and decided I needed an attitude adjustment.

That is, a G & T and some playtime!

This is my first look; I was going for a bit of a vampy look.
I recently found G's old stage wig from Swamp Donkey days, and had been thinking it might be fun to slap it on!!

(Who's your daddy, then?!)

I rarely wear piles of warpaint these days, but when I do, it is rather fun, until it literally crawls on my skin and I'm gagging to clean it off! I never wear foundation, as I just can't bear the feel of my skin being completely covered in gunk. Ugh!!!

This is look 2.


No prizes for guessing my fave look!

Which is your favourite look, darlings?!

I thought I might do a vlog (hahahha, I think that's what it's called! A "video blog" is what I mean!)

(ooo,I'm getting ever so techno) where I replicate your favourite look!


Dear Mazzy is a makeup artiste, darlings, and I would so love for him to make me up uber glam style!! Dang, but if he doesn't live halfway across the world in Seattle!

He's a fellow Dame Edna enthusiast, Kathy Griffin devotee and he introduced me to my biggest crush in years, (apart from Vix , whom I found all by myself) the one and only


So fabulous I have to wear incontinence pants!!!

Evie has lit up my life, let her light up your Christmas!



PS: It's my bush, and G can trim it how he wants to!

La Dama , you're a naughty minx!

PPS: let me know which is your fave look!!

PPPS: I literally just found this blog, My Mom, The Style Icon , not 5 minutes ago! It's freakin' awesome-o!!! Vix , yo' mama totally belongs here!


Spitto on the Pitto

Our magnificent hedge is made up of a type of pittosporum . Evergreen, thick and hardy, we planted this about 8 years ago, and it has become a monstrosity!!! G loves getting at it with the hedge trimmer, it makes him feel ever so manly.

I find it is a great backdrop for photshoots.

Frock-Retropolitan garage sale



Socks-Sydney markets


Handbag-vintage, opshopped

*The offending tourist was American,Sarah dear!