Bicycle Love

When I was a youngun, my parents bought me the Purple People Eater.
It was a fecking cool ass bike!

When I was 13, they bought me ...... a green bike.
We were living in the country then, and I rode the shit out of it!

Now I am a woman, and G just bought me a new bike as a very early birthday pressie!
(My b'day is January)
Functional rather than ultra stylish, as we do a lot of miles to and from work.

He has since attached a vintage satchel as a pannier for my wet weather gear etc.
What a good boy he is!

Having a drink on Saturday whilst my new bike was being made ready.

No point in riding it home sober.

It's identical to G's bike, which he got for his birthday, only mine is a midnight blue and has white wall tyres.
Note:Bumpits are not suitable for underneath bike helmets!
It's so zoomy, my ass is gonna be perkier than a 12 year olds!!
There's no holding me back!
Just as well, really, as with the car being written off, and the money we'll get from the perpetrators insurance not being enough to replace it, we won't be getting another car until the new year. Not too problematic, as the weather is so good, just a pain in the ass and bank account.

But you lovelies aren't feckers!!!



Vintage Vixen said...

Can I have some of your sunshine please? I adore that frock and those pendants, you glorious thing.
The car's been written off? Bloody hell, love that's such a shame.
The bike is very grown up and sporty. You're really going to rock it with the floral helmet.I'm jealous of the satchel, I've refused to ride mine until Jon's found me a suitable basket.
Love you,
PS Tomorrow?

La Dama said...

such a cutie look like Cindy from The "Brady Bunch."
that bike is the bomb mamas..I used ride bike in my chola days.. now Im too how sexually delightful poses on your new should pimp up your ride with gold.
"G" is such a sweetheart.
hugs mamas

Kandi said...

I think cycling might be the key to your amazing legs *runs off to buy a bike 30 years too late :)*
Get your white blonde hair when you were a youngun, beautiful! Your frock is totally beautiful it's the nicest frock I have seen in a bit and you fill it beautifully too! ;)
Kandi x

sacramento said...

Sam on me, but I do not know how to ride a bike??? Not many bikes in Spain, they are more keen on motorbikes.
You look grand my dear.

sacramento said...

I meant to say shame on me not Sam. upppppppppppp hehehehe

Penny Dreadful said...

Such sh*t news about the car and insurance. That is really rubbish. Like you say, silver lining. I've been trying to convince myself to ride to work for ages but London traffic is too scary (and now that it is winter there is NO WAY I would be bothered). x

Missy Vintage said...

bad news on the car. Good news on the bum cheeks! It's fecking freeeezin here at least it's sunny, and you acn show of your flowery helmet (so to speak.....)

Penny - I think most people who cycle in London are either suicidal or would be killers! They either wanna be killed or are the ones who want to do the killing! x

Louise said...

Aw, that purple bike was ace! Did the insurance company give you enough for a Morris Minor because, now your car has been written off, surely you can justify another vintage vehicular? lol.


Kitty said...

Oh thats crap about the car!! I really admire the fact that you're so energetic as to ride a bike everywhere, sanding and painting seems much less work to me ;)

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
I want a ‘Purple People Eater’...that bike ROCKS!
When I was seven years old this boy in our gang had a ‘Raleigh Chopper’ that I thought was the coolest thing on the planet (besides the boy of course).
He'd lived in the US for a bit & wore cowboy boots & knew how to French kiss...a bona fide Johnny Rebel so he was & I got to ride on the back of his bike...those were the days, I wonder where he is now?!
You look very sporty indeed in that second pic.
I think your new bike looks great & as far as bikes are concerned I’d definitely go for functionality rather than fluff & frills any day.
Love the fabby print on your dress & your G-man looks like well tasty in that last pic, if you don’t mind me saying so ;)
Sorry to hear about the car…poo sticks to that!
Have fun fun fun on your new ride.
Luv & hugs,
P.S. I popped a little something in the post for you today, should hopefully be with you soon.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Helga, I'm with Jem the Purple People Eater is FABULOUS!!! Love, love, love it!

I love your new bike and your sunshine. Fantastic to have found your blog, it really cheers me up. A large glass of red before cycling will definitely make it more fun.

I rode a bike from the second I was off my stabilisers at four years old 'til sixteen. Moved to Soho at seventeen. It's a nightmare to cycle in central London so I've never owned one since. I'm easily distracted so my road sense would be shocking! xx

Sarsaparilla said...

I'm thinking...hmmm, how much would that Purple People Eater bike be worth on eBay???? Maybe you could just sell the picture - it's awfully cute. :-)

lady sélénite said...

I discover your blog and I really love your free style !

giddynici said...

OMG the purple bike is totally kickass!
You don't need the bike to look that stylish as you will look super stylish on it so no need. Especially with your fab helmet! x

Ivy Black said...

To bleedin' cold to rise a bike here at the moment...mine is resting the shed! I'd love a Purple People Eater to ride now.
Looking super stylish on your new bike...he's a sweetie your G. It's a pisser about the insurance but at least you can get on yer bikes together! xxx

Alex said...

I am so far behind with comments, I am never going to catch up! Forgive me please o lovely Helga.

I don't really know how to appreciate a bike. I've never been able to ride one so I can't really look at the finer points of one! Your new bike looks v. shiny and whizzy though and how lovely of G to treat you to it. What a bummer about the car :(

ps - you MUST read some Georgette Heyer. I think she gets very unfairly lumped in with Mills & Boon and scorned for writing romances. Bollocks to that!! She basically invented Regency romances as a genre - she's the original and best. Most importantly though, the books are gloriously written and it's more about the characters and the plots than it is anything else. Don't let the romance tag put you off - I'll dig out some spare copies and pop them in the post to you.

Miss Claire said...

Oh boy, i want the purple one! In my head I am fighting between a gorgeous vintage bike, and a practical mountain bike. I'd like one that combines the two, so something like yours with a nice satchel would be swell!!

Enjoy your new bike, you're going to be super fit by next year!