But it's wafer thin!

Well, it's pissing down rain today.
I was meant to have more work done on my tattoo today, but my tattooist had the vomity bug during the night and postponed.
No matter. G and I decided to go for lunch at our favourite Thai restaurant instead.
I'm full as a fart now.
And nicely sozzled.
We have our neice & nephew coming to stay tonight for a playstation frenzy, so we stopped off at the local supermarket for some icecream and chocolate. A very stupid woman turned in front of me not once-as I was about to turn into the carpark-but twice-as I went in. Silly tart was driving a Saab, which according to G says a lot. I saw her inside, and said "hey, how could you miss seeing me in that helmet?" And she merely laughed in her ignorance. I was quite incensed, but resisted the urge to spaz out, and also resisted the urge to pee on her bonnet on the way out......I'm clearly a model citizen.
O!! I forgot to mention that I have had some splendid compliments about my helmet in the past week! Huzzah!!! The only honk I've had was some chicks who yelled out "sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy" as they went past. I was quite happy with that.
Frock-made by moi
Shirt-Muscha pussybow, gift
Whalenets-Sydney markets
Handbag-vintage, school fair last week.


Miss Peelpants said...

Ohhhh, brilliant tight-layering there Miss Helga!!! xx

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
the blog post title makes me think of Mr Creosote in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life :)
I love that movie, I learnt all the songs by heart as a kid.
*The Penis Song
*Every Sperm Is Sacred
and my fave, The Galaxy Song
"Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown,
And things seem hard or tough,
And people are stupid, obnoxious or daft,
And you feel that you've had quite eno-o-o-o-o-ough..."
I love it :)
Mark & I are both looking forward to seeing the tat in its full completed glory.
I'd also like to add that I think you look SMASHING today, that blouse has got a loverly print innit!
Lot's of love,

Smashingbird said...

Love that dress, you are such a talented seamstress!

Sarah said...

"I'm clearly a model citizen". HA! You are a model citizen and a supermodel as well! LOVE that dress - you are such a clever seamstress. xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Ha! You put my pathertic attempts with the needle to shame, darling twin! Love the colour combo and the way it clings to those curves, you look blinking hot.
Have a fabbo weekend. We've got fireworks, curry and buckets of booze...hurrah!
Lots of love,

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Layering of tights is inspired. Top-notch dress as well!
Is your beloved word 'feck' coming from Father Ted? It's just that it's so Irish to say feck, I had to ask!
xx Comtesse xx

La Dama said...

love red on you..you look devilish..glad your ok.

Alex said...

You made that? Wow! It's absolutely perfect and such a funky cut and style. Love the blouse too!

Is the helmet finished yet? Would love to see it in all its glory.

Helga! said...

Yes,indeed,Comtesse,'feck" is definetly a fave from Father Ted!!! And a little less offensive thatn fuck,I feel!!!

Miss Claire said...

I can't tell you how much I adore this outfit! One of my favourites! I just scored a dress from an op-shop for $3 that is very similar to this one you made...I wouldn't have thought to put a blouse on it, but that look is awesome!

Thanks for the inspiration. Hope you're getting some sun this weekend!

xox Claire