Channeling Mrs Slocombe

I'm pretty bloody happy with this outfit!
With the help of my darling Vix and her mega bargainacious shopping skills!
Of course, I received many admiring looks while we were at the market.

Frock-70's-tastic, opshopped
Blouse & Scarf-Vix
Brooch-gift from a fromer co-worker
Handbag-church fair last week
Stay-ups-Farmers sale, I thought they were tights!
Shoes-Trade Me

We got to Rangi Ruru at about 9:50 am and there were people already jostling about.
Nix took me into the main building to show me her office.
Not sure when the building was built, but it was built for the Mayor, and then became a school in 1923. This building was the original boarding house, but later became the admin offices.

Here's the queue for the second hand clothing, books & bric a brac.

The rest of it was really a pretty posh market, and wasn't of interest to me.

An exterior of the main building, G and Justine are standing under Nix's office window.

There was a wine/beer tent!
Here's Justine and I, after a wine, being excited about our loot.
The orange "bolsa" with the sequinned Virgin Mary was bought in Oaxaca, and is a great size for loot. Justine is wearing a riding hat that I scored for $1!!!

Here's what I got:
Green vinyl bag(70's) for G. He's quite stoked with it.
Awesome blue vinyl handbag
Snakeskin handbag-yep,the real deal
Spotty blouse
Riding hat
2 bow ties
Gold bow brooch
Wooden hair clip
4 food magazines.
I think I spent $10 all up.

And this is what else was in my parcel from Vix!!!
Eeeek, it's been a fab weekend for goodies!!!
*will post the spinach/parmesan muffin recipe tomorrow!


Sarsaparilla said...

What a fabulous outfit! I'm sure you were the belle of the market. Love your sequinned Virgin Mary bag - I'll bet she brings you good luck.

happy halloween!

Vintage Vixen said...

Mrs Slocombe, eat your heart out! I love what you've done with the blouse adn the scarf, I think you're more of a minxy Miss Brahms, myself.
What scores, love G's bag and the spotty blouse.
Justine looks marvellous in her riding helmet, Alex will be impressed.
The sale looks wild, but weren't you tempted by the spinning wheel?
Love you,

Alex said...

Justine really does look marvellous! I look like an actual mushroom in my riding hat, nowhere near that stylish!!

You are totally rocking the Mrs Slocombe look. I am genuinely a bit in love with this outfit - inspired work from you and Vix :)

Mazzy Boy said...

Oh Mrs. Slocombe! How's your pussy? (sorry, couldn't resist) You look adorable! I love the tights, the whole ensemble is to die for...wish we worked at a department store together...I'd have so much fun working with you...could G be Captain Peacock?

Halloween should be fun tonight, am with friends to pass out candy to the little ones. I hope you're well and thinking of you. Glad you've enjoyed Amy Sedaris' that we have so much in common (though I envy you for having a fabulous rack)...hope you're smiling a lot these days and keeping your chin up...I think every poofer needs an Auntie Helga...don't you?

Mazzy Boy said...

Just been flipping on through this here blog of yours and am loving the pics. I see you in all your frocks and shoes and wish I had my makeup bag handy and a cocktail shaker...Auntie Helga has more inspiration that I could shake a stick at! xoxoo

sacramento said...

Thank you helga for your lovely comments everytime.
Un abrazo.

Penny Dreadful said...

The riding hat is faaaabulous!

Ivy Black said...

Loving that bag! I know what Vix are a minxy Miss Brahms but Mrs S was foxy and outrageous just like you! xxx

Mrs Munster said...

You really have a great eye to co-ordinate colours. Pink & brown! Like a strawberry chocolate :)