Cool as green

It's quite cool this morning, so I get to wear this fab frock from Brian sooner than expected.
Mind you, this being Christchurch, it'll change and I'll be gasping my way into a more summery frock before long.

I certainly did get a bit of a shake up from the crash, thank you for your concerns, darlings, but am very grateful it wasn't worse! I felt sorry for the tourist, after all, he didn't do it deliberately, and had his wife, young son & parents in the vehicle with him! Not the most fun thing to happen whilst on holiday! A lesson learnt for both parties, really. He needs to have a second, and maybe third look, before pulling out, and I need to react more quickly!
I don't have any hard feelings, am just hoping our car can be fixed quickly and with as little drama as possible. Shouldn't be any hassles, as he knew full well he was in the wrong, and had no issues admitting it!

So, am having a day off work today to relax. I've had a lovely sleep in! I think sleeping is such a wonderful thing to do; I love being prostrate in a warm and comfy's such a pleasure!
Kibitz Knitz darling, the frock I was wearing whilst sipping hot chilli (nonity nom nom) chocolate is the same one I was wearing here .
And I probably could consider wearing my funky helmet driving!! hahaha! Have you got your helmet floralised yet, love? I so need to pull my finger out and finish mine, but I confess that fecking around over finishing things is most certainly a fault of mine!!
Ana , that hot chilli chocolate was totally superb!! It was better than it looked! Very sweet towards the bottom, and I couldn't finish it.
Penny Dreadful dear, I rarely take my rings off!
Vix and Kitty , my sweets, I had rather a few stiff drinks when I got home!! I think I drank a bottle of red wine and had several glasses of bubbly before going out to the engagement!!
O, and Louise ?! I was born to wear heels,blossom, and I can do anything in them!!!
*Late note: Spare a thought and some hope for 29 miners trapped down a mine on the West Coast,won't you?! It isn't known if they are even alive after an explosion on Friday. Just awful. The youngest is 17 and it was his first day on the job.


Kitty said...

Oh you dooo suit a short frock so well! Glad to hear you had the requisite drinkies post-accident, phew!

Mazzy Boy said...

Good LORD Auntie! People trying to run over you? Fucking tourists! Haven't you been through enough the past couple of months? Glad you're ok though and that all is well...xoxoxo

La Dama said...

my poor Helgita, so proud of you still posing in lovely short vestidos...those shoes are divine.

Alex said...

Is it a tad coarse of me to laugh at the first photo, just because it looks as if you're trying to dump in the bushes? If I was more ladylike I wouldn't mention it, but we both know I'm not!

How are you enjoying the Perdita book?

Misfits Vintage said...

Oy - I missed ONE DAY and look what happens! I'd be surprised if you can make it work AT ALL this week, as you are no doubt suffering post traumatic shock! I'd actually be very surprised if a pedicure and a massage were not called for right now. I'm serious! How do you manage to look so consistently glamorous even in the face of disaster? Earthquakes, mining explosions, international terrorists trying to play dodgem cars with you - you always look so diviiiiine!
(Where was the alleged 'tourist' from? Not Australia I hope!) Dr Misfit xxx

Cindy Gabriella said...

amazing style ! i love your shoes very much ! :)

Michal Kurtis said...

So cute! Your poses are so fun! Glad I stumbled on your blog. PS. LOVE the red hair!

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

Love the sunnes and the dress... wait, the whole outfit is divine! lookin good helgsy ox

Vintage Vixen said...

Pussybow, pussybow I love you! Brian's done you proud, my darling, and I'm adoring the white tights and minxy shoes, too.
I automatically thought the tourist would be a Brit as we're the world's worst drivers.
Those poor miners were headline news all day saturday, doen't sound good.
Loads of love,

Sarsaparilla said...

Lovely dress/sweater combo! I needed a fix of Helga this I'm ready to face my week.

p.s. So glad you weren't hurt in the accident!

Penny Dreadful said...

Can't go past a pussybow. And haha at Alex's comment!

Was reading about those miners today, terrible. Fingers crossed it all turns out ok.