The early bird, as they say....

I was up at 7am this morning.
On a Saturday morning, no less.
Did I wet the bed?
Retropolitan, one of our fave shops for vintage & retro fabulousness, was having a garage sale!!
Exciting-and not.
Their building, on the corner of Kilmore & Barbadoes St's, was damaged in the earthquake. Not horrifically, but it needs earthquake strengthening, and the landlord can't be fecked with that and wants the building bulldozed.
This is pretty much typical of the way a lot of lovely old buildings are going since the quake. They simply aren't worth the cost of strengthening.
Le Sigh.
So, the lovely lady who owns Retroplitan has no idea what she will do. She hasn't been able to find new premises yet, and as it is coming up to the silly season, is just going to sell up what she can, take a break and re-look at the situation in the new year.

Anyways, this is not what I was wearing this morning.
Costume change!
The frock and handbag (really a mini vanity case) are just 2 of the items I scored.

And the top suitcase on the cabinet behind me was also a score this morning.

Here is the case with much of my loot!
A second handbag( a Rex, no less), 2 other frocks, a shirt and a play top hat.
O, and the stool the case is sitting on.

Plus these 2 tops for G.
I did in fact pick up 4 other frocks and a vest, but they are either too small or too big.
(I have plans for them.)

All the shopping wore me out!
G snapped a sneaky pic of me having a little nap.
Frock-Retropolitan garage sale
Tights-The Warehouse
Whalenets-Trade Me
Shoes-Trade Me
Cape-vintage, friends
Handbag-Retropolitan garage sale!


Comtesse de ferveur said...

Fecking fabulous! Glad your pet word coming from Father Ted, which has practically provided guidelines for living in this household! I still can't get over the ingeniousness of those whalenets over tights of different colours. Fab!

Kitty said...

Oh quelle early start for you my dear, but I do laugh as it was 4.15am for me this morning. BUT- I did manage to score 28 crimplene dresses for my trouble, yay!
The blue cape seems to be serving you well, I love it and the blue ensembles look great on you.xx.

Sarah said...

Man, I LOVE a cape. What fantastic scores - and I love that suitcase too! And a nap on the couch - how PERFECT! xxx

Sarah said...

BTW Helga - do you know about this bit of fabulous:

Surely you have some contribution to make?

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh you look glorious! That baby blue colour suits you soooooo much! What utter fabulousity.
Love the cape and those handbags look divine. Two Rexes? I feel a random collection coming on.
Loving G's tops. My Dad still wears his along with Sta-Prest pants and his 1950's RAF issue boots. Jon gazes at them longingly.
I'm in awe of your scores, I need to go out shopping right now!!!
Love you!
PS G commented on my blog, how marvellous. Jon's doing homework on his bike suggestions now.

The Sequin Cat said...

The white fishnets look great over blue tights! Super look xx

Sarsaparilla said...

Helga, one of the reasons I've become addicted to your blog is because you blurt out all of those things that run through people's minds, but most wouldn't dare say. I never know what you're going to come up with next! You're such a joy.

You always look fabulous too, of course. :)

Laura said...

I can't say how much I adore that outfit! That blue is such a lovely colour, I'm insanely jealous I must say.

Ivy Black said...

Look at you , girl! I LOVE those shoesxx

Mrs Munster said...

Awesome finds. Agreeing with the comments above - looking fabulous. The shade of blue in the cape is just delicious.

Obscura said...

i like your hair dark!
and i enjoy he layered tights...

La Dama said...

" tu eres grandiosa".. ama tu cape and blue tights..oooh I need a nurse.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Sleeping beauty looking as dazzling as ever! I LOVE the colour combo - you've got some lovely treasures there. So sad about the demolition work in CC. Quite heartbreaking actually:(. xoxoxo

Alex said...

The tale of demolition breaks my heart :( It's so sad that it costs more to preserve beauty than it does to build cheap, nasty tat.

However it can't be all bad if it means such amazing bargains and you've picked up some right beauties there! Please wear the top hat soon.