Excuse me, wide load following

It's true, I do favour a 50's silhouette.
I like to think it gives me a bit of an hourglassy Sophia Loren look.
I just need to work on the accent, and then maybe I can fool others as well as myself!

I have been obsessing over what to wear to Leonard Cohen tongiht, in between blasts of Weta's "Let it Go" on my internal radio. Bloody good Kiwi band, incidentally, but shortlived. One brillant album and then POOM, imploded like an imploding thing. Bugger. If you can be asrsed, check them out on You Tube.
But I digress.
G, who doesn't like Leonard at all, thinks I should wear something sombre.
I haven't a clue.
I'll have a fossick through my glad rags this evening.
Leonard is being supported by Bic Runga, a Kiwi lass of Chinese & Maori descent who lives in Paris. Quite cultured, I'm sure. She's not bad, very mellow-not really G's thing at all either!!!
I'm looking forward to hanging out with Gillian, who is coming along with her man Wayne. I haven't seen her for ages.

Can you tell I don't really have much to say today!?
I feel like annoying someone........maybe playing a prank.....I do believe I may be a little bored!!!

O, I'm wearing:


Cardi-Dotti sale




Handbag-vintage, opshopped


Miss Claire said...

I'm sure you'll find something amazing to wear! You'll have to show us your outfit.

I like your dress today, very sweet : The commment that the woman in Anne of Green Gables made to Anne about not being able to get through the door with such large puff-sleeves came to mind!! hehe!

Have a great time tonight xx

Mrs Munster said...

Dress suits you very well. As you might have noticed I do love the 50's style but wide skirts & petticoats does NO favours to my already big behind! I'll stick to pencil skirts :) Have a great time at the gig!

Vintage Vixen said...

That dress looks marvellous on your curves, but there again everything you wear looks fabulous, my dear. I'm wide and bony so full skirts do me no favours.
I'm with G on the Leonard Chen thing, I did like him until I saw him live and I just went right off him. Hopefully you'll feel it more especially having a couple of fans with you.
Have fun, LOVE YOU!

sacramento said...

You are wonderful and very funny. I do thank you so very much for your comments in my blog.
Un abrazo.

Kitty said...

Oh you do crack me up!!! Looking lovely as always.xx.

Penny Dreadful said...

Ooh I luuurve Leonard Cohen. I hope you wear something bright and sparkly to cheer him up!

Alex said...

Ohh! I've been to see Bic Runga!!! She was fab, although her music isn't the most cheerful in the world. Hope you have fun tonight :)

You look 50's tastic all posed on the fence. V. pretty frock today!

La Dama said...

you always too cute and can wear any vestido..love the 50's flair dresses too.

Cara said...

The dress looks gorgeous on you and really like the new layout!

x x x

Louise said...

I love the 50s silouhette too, I just think its so sexy looking. Have a wonderful night lovely Helga. toodle pip xx

Helga! said...

Love you all!
Thanks,Cara! I was just pissing around,and I think it makes it clearer what this blog is about-ME!!!!!

Sahakiel said...

I must say that dress is simply awesome. 50's dresses are the best ones, they always make the best silouette!! And you look fabulous!