Freaky-deaky sober on a Saturday Night!

Yes, indeed, Helga was sober on a Saturday night.
Difficult to believe, darlings, I know.
Out of the goodness of my heart I volunteered to be the sober driver, as Snuffbox played with our friends Zero at El Santo in Lyttleton, and Lyttleton is a bitch to get home from. Being over the hill & all.
Besides, G was sober driver when Loafer last played over there, so fair cop!

This little baby hat was a fiver from an Asian shop at the mall.
Just my colour & too adorable.
The earrings were from Equip, the necklace was from my beloved Vix , the velevt mini cloak is vintage, and I bought it over 20 years ago in Sydney.

The frock is a modern frock, opshopped and then customised by moi. (Shortened, ribbon trim added). Under that, my opshopped tutu.
Lurex fishnets from We Love Colours ,shoes from Trade Me, handbag from someones garage sale, gloves from a goth photoshoot I did about 20 years ago in Dunedin!

Downtown Lyttleton early on a Saturday evening.

Going upstairs to the loo.
There's a Loafer poster there somewhere.

Interior. Isn't it divine!
La Dama , I was totally thinking of you!

Sexy man!!

Our Nix , whose birthday it is on Monday, but was too pooped after 12 days solid work to have a wild time tonight!

With lovely Gilberto the Great.

And Sharon.

My hot G in action.


Mikel, Snuffbox singer/keyboardist, is on bass/vocals in Zero.
Such busy boys!
It was a bloody fab night, and I did enjoy myself!
Alex , doll, I haven't finished off my bike helmet yet. I've been too lazy!
Ms Sequin Cat , I've been trying to comment on your blog, but there has been a problem at the word verification bit-ie, no word-so I haven't been able to thank you for visiting my blog & tell you how cute you are. Stupid fecking technology!
Sarah , thanks for that fab link to Now This Is Gothic !! It's freakin' awesome!!
I'm off out with Justine and Pixie (who is down from Wellington) to a Shabby Chic Market later this morning! But now I have to take some coffee in to my G!
Yay, I think we're gonna have some sunshine today!
WTF am I gonna wear?!?


La Dama said...

you look divine in polka dots and velvet.. "muy classica" ooooh your pink facinator...hahayy "I would totally be there asking the virgin mary for something dumb while wearing my virgin mary corset,lol"

La Dama said...

now I need to move in there! guys look like so much fun.

Mazzy Boy said...

Oh that Gilberto is delish...tell him I'll put him on payroll...all he would need to do is rub my feet and call me a whore!

Your little polkadotty frock is wonderful too. You inspire!! I'm such a homebody and don't really go out and rage in the bars, but seriously if you were close by I'd have to take up drinking, roll the spliffs for us to bomb out a bathroom with (only top shelf grade for you my dahling!) and learn how to sew!

You run circles in my mind for inspiration.

I adore you! xoxo

The Sequin Cat said...

You look amazing once again!

Sorry that my site isn't playing friendly. Not sure what's going on there.

Louise said...

What a gorgeous hat. I love it. I promise I will get around to sending you that book this week. :-) xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Fabulous! Just freaking fabulous!!!!
Love everything and that venue knocks the Black Country Arms into a cocked hat.
LOve you

Smashingbird said...

The cape my dear - soo jealous!

MyStyle said...

Hi there-wow, sounds like an awesome night and you look totally amazing, just love your dress, cape and hat!! xx

Penny Dreadful said...

Your hair looks fab here, love how it frames your face when it is all down like that. Looks like a fun night, even if you were sober (only wish I could say the same for myself, I have been suffering all day today)

Alex said...

Well you'd best get to work on the helmet, quick sharp! Hehe, I'm not the person to judge, I'm the queen of half arsed craft projects. My knitting has been in a bag since at least February.

Your hat is an absolute joy and I must just say, you are looking BEAUTIFUL in the close up photo!