Gap Filler!

Well, the question of what to wear to our gig was easily solved by the most incredibly timely parcel from my darling freaky twin, Vix !!!
I'd had a pretty shitty morning at work, due to finding out that our car is getting written off after the prang last week. This was compounded by the departmental nosy parker walking in whilst I was having a little sob and doing her best to get the goss. Rude cow!
So I was in a big grump when I left work. I stopped at our local Salvation Army in an effort to lose my funk, and was slightly cheered by a few finds, then cycled on home to find a parcel on my doorstep that made me squeal with glee!

This incredible frock and acid yellow fishnets were just 2 of my goodies, and perfect for a summery evening gig!
Vix must have been sniggering when I was prattling on about being inspired by Janeane Garofalo's costumes in Reality Bites! This is sooooo totally the look I'm going on about!

Here's what else was in my parcel! Which, incidentally, had a pic of my sweet hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on it!!!
More Barry M!!! I'm crazy for Barry M!!!
And that necklace is wild!!

And a little close up!

These are the bits and pieces I picked up at the Sallies.
The bra is brillantly pointy, just what I'd been hoping to find!
A basic frock and some more bike shorts. The belt is much wider than I usually like, but I thought I'd give it a go.

And off we went to this Gap Filler thingy!

Such a lovely set up! It was on the site of South of the Border, a Mexican Restaurant G and I had been to many times. It was kinda weird!
The organisers made feel a bit like someones backyard, all cosy and comfy and pretty!

The boys bottom left were having a bbq with a tiny charcoal cooker!

I've never been to Berlin, but I understand there are a lot of arty sites there like this.

After the gig, when it got dark, an amazing documentary was screened, with the most wonderful old Christchurch footage! It was fantastci, and I was mesmerised by the clothes and seeing old Christchurch in motion. G was pointing out buildings that had been demolished before I moved here, and there were views I could recognise that are now very different.


If, my English darlings, you ever wondered what happened to all the old Bedford vans you used to have, they are alive and well in NZ and being used for Mr Whippy vans and coffee vans and other fun things!

Nix, Si, G Ira & Darryl.

It was a great night, and I believe Gap Filler will be moving to different sites around the city!
I love that they are making sad earthquake messes into fun arty experiences!


Roo said...

You and Vix are too cute! What a dress!

I love the gap filler, what a brilliant and wonderful idea! Here in Blighty, which is, thankfully, a relatively natural disaster-free zone, the closest we get to that is little independent art installations that spring up in empty shops. I love them, something good out of a recession huh?

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh my darling, how fabulous are you in that frock and fishnets! I did snigger when I saw your post about Ms Garofalo...he!he! I'm such a witch as our darling La Dama would say.
That bar thingy looks so cool, the weather is glorious and G's shirt is the best thing ever.
You thieves stealing our Bedfords, they make great camper vans.
Hope the gig rocked.
Love you,
PS That was a pic of Jon and I when I had a mental patient's fringe and blonde locks...eeekkkk!

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, Vix strikes again - amazing dress, I am quite envious. Fabulous pointy bra too, I need to get me one of those x

La Dama said...

Indeed Vix is a brujia( witch) she is the greatest!
I love how blue suits your match beautifully with your your bullet bra,dont poke "G's" eye out,lol
tell "G" he has lovely long locks.
are you sure the owners arent Mexican? having wild drinking parties in our backyards,hahayy

sacramento said...

You lucky girl: present parcel, Gap filler party to go to,...
Love your sandals, they look so what I have iin mind for the next summer: cute and comfortable.

Franca said...

Look at you with your double bow-age - looks ace! amazing parcel too and the gig looks fun!

Kelly said...

What a frock!! Love it!
Good parcel work Vix, love a bit of Hugh too.

Gap Filler looks fun, and I'm jealous of G's hair, it's mega long!!!


Missy Vintage said...

I love that you are co-ordinated with your house! You pictures never fail to make me smile! x

Miss Claire said...

Grrr, I love that frock! The little collar bow, how sweet!! Also loving G's 70's shirt.

We played out the back of the pup on a balmy night earlier this year with a similar set up. They had little kids walking around selling chai, taking your money and fetching it for you-so so cute!

Sounds like a nice evening to kick of proper spring weather (Not sure what its like over there but Melbourne is still rainy!)


Sahakiel said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And the Gap Filler looks amazing, wow! So interesting, I must say!

giddynici said...

Looks like such a fun event!!! And what fantastic treats from Vix, you lucky thing. x

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-you look so lovely in the frock Vix sent you and it sounds like you've had such an amazing time too-have a great weekend!! xx

Misfits Vintage said...

OOh, you and Vix know each other so well! That dress is fabulous - I love the floral sleeves and bow.

What is the pale pink item in your parcel - is it a vintage apron (I'm an apron FIEND)?

Gap Filler - what a wonderful idea! You're right - making something good out of something sad. Wish I were there - I bet it was fantastic.

And G is a total hunka! You're such a spunky couple.

Sarah xxx

Louise said...

Blue is really a great colour on you. That dress looks fabulous! Have a great weekend. xx

Calamity Jem said...

Dear Helga,
G has the most amazing & enviable mane, I wish Mark would grow his hair but he doesn’t like it.
When we were in our band many moons ago, I managed to convince him to grow it “longish”, it was so sexy; it had a wave to it, he dyed it black with a bluish tint & he even grew a goatee…ROCK GOD!
I loved it but alas he didn’t, never mind, I still think my hubby is a complete Adonis regardless.