Hoopciously Drangle Me in Shiny Things

Here's the pretty frock I scored at the Shabby Chic Market on Sunday. I've got some trim I'm going to sew onto it this weekend, just to jazz it up a bit.

Worn with an opshopped cardi and brooch.

The earrings are from the Chiang Mai Night Market.

I decided I would show you some of my favourite and most commonly worn necklaces today.

Pretty maids all in a row.

The scarf is from Siem Reap markets.

G's Mama bought this gorgeous necklace & matching earrings in the Indian Quarter in Singapore, with G's help. I should wear this more often!

G bought me this lovely silver & rose quartz necklace in Goreme, Turkey.

The central necklace was a gift from my darling Vix . Probably one of the most worn items of jewellery I own!

In the middle of that is a laboradite pendant G bought me in Takaka many years ago.

Pendants, top left:amber,from Cancun. Bottom left:silver, from Luxor.

Top right: Silver, from Sydney and bottom right: amber, from Siem Reap.

All bought for me by my G, who loves to buy me trinkets when we travel!

I wear the pendants on a silver "collar" from Siem Reap, not pictured, sorry!

Silver, a market by the highway in Northern Thailand between Lampang & Chiang Mai. This one gets a good thrashing!

Silver, from the markets in Vientiane. (Laos)

The red coral and Tibetan parayer bead necklace was a gift from G, from Ula, one of our favourite shops.

The pink vintage one I bought at Ecetera. I love costume jewellery.

Obviously, ethnic jewellery is my bag, but I like to mix it up.

I'm very spoilt, and rightly so!!!



Kelly said...

Love a bit of jewellery, you have some gorgeous stuff. G is very good at picking out a beauty of a trinket.


p.s Check out the latest hair history, especially for you and Vix. :)

Vintage Vixen said...

What beauties (and the jewellery, too)! That necklace from Thailand's what prompted me to send you that silver coloured choker, I remember admiring it when I first found you.
G HAS got excellent taste. I love that set his mum bought you.
Are you planning to attach that dress shirt frill to that gorgeous frock?
Loads of love,

Syrious said...

cute accessories!! love them!

La Dama said...

all your jewelry is so mystical.. no wonder you and Vix get along..mysterious beauties...love your pink rhinestone necklace.

Louise said...

I love a bit of costume jewellery too. My fave from your collection is the Rose quartz and silver. It's divine x

Alex said...

G has got great taste! Love the rose quartz necklace but all the amber is equally stunning.

La Dama said...

oh yes forgot to add G spoils..lucky girl..and that dress looks divine on you hun.

Miss Peelpants said...

That rose quartz is AMAZING... xx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You are so lucky to have a G;). In my current mood I would be tempted to wear all of them at once - I love every single one of your necklaces and wouldn't like to show them any favouritism whatsoever!!! xoxoxo

Kandi said...

What a treasure trove, it looks like a very exciting haul from a fabulous Myan or Aztec historic dig! Wow I am in love with most of it but especially the Rose Quartz one - G is a star!
Kandi x

Misfits Vintage said...

Love the dress and the pink rhinestones! I also love the gorgeous crocheted cardigan and the red wall behind you! Man alive, I would love to play dress ups at your place Helga! xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

I LOVE the new dress. Is it 50s? It looks so, with the neckline and fabric.