It ain't metal without the metal

Hello possums!

I so enjoyed showing you some of my baubles yesterday, I have decided to show you some more.

Firstly, this is the box I keep the bulk of my jewellery in. The goodies I showed off yesterday live in a couple of small boxes in my bra drawer. I basically have jewellery all over the place. I really need to get more organised about it!

This box was made by an NZ artist, Donna Demente. She's pretty bloody clever, that one. Wins a lot of wearable art awards, amongst other things.

I've given the box a bit of a battering over the years, dammit, and it is a little worse for wear!

But what's inside.....?

Lots of bits in plastic bags, because they get tangled up. Not pretty.....but practical!

O, and I am wearing a necklace I picked up from a vintage shop in Dunedin in 1989.

I know nothing about it, but it's heavy and unusual-that's my bag, baby!

The frock is from the Retropolitan garage sale the other day, and the earrings are from Turkey.

I like to be a bit crafty, nothing too flash, just re-making things mostly. Every now and then I get a bit funky, and the middle pice is one I made. The circle is made of Fimo modelling clay, with some plastic bits & fine glitter, and the Ganesh pendant I picked up in Thailand. I used some beads from my bead stash for the rest.

The one on the left is a frame picked up secondhand somewhere, with a fave Fragonard pic inside, covered with resin, and the beads are 2 cheap beaded necklaces from an Asian shop.

The one on the right is a pendant from Thailand with re-strung beads that in-laws Simon & Mariko bought back for me from Africa one year

The key I found a couple of weeks ago, the chain came with the heart in the middle-bought at Wyrd, a sadly long gone shop-the pendant on the right is made of bass strings and metal and is by Violet Fagan, an artist who runs a vintage shop in Dunedin. I bought it off her in London in 92.

More pendants.

Left is a secondhand frame with black fimo and an old earring stud embedded in it.

Centre top is a secondhand red tigers eye pendant with a little dangle from some other bit of jewellery.

Right is a frame from a junk shop on the Nevada/Arizona border with a cameo bought in Greenwich markets.

Bottom is a 70's pendant, opshopped somewhere here or Aus, can't remember!

Left is a swordfish eye pendant made by some artist from a former collective called The Mermaids. Bought about 18 years ago.

On the right is the one I am wearing in the pix.

Phew-and that's just the tip of the iceberg!!!

More to come....another day!



Ivy Black said...

I'm loving this nose about your jewellery! I do like a picture pendant especially Indian themed ones and minature paintings. And the swordfish one is amazing. Can we have too much jewellery?!xxx

Miss Claire said...

Soo many amazing pieces, Helga! I'm expecially taken with the pendant made out of bass strings! How did she do that? I love it.

You've got an awesome collection!


Louise said...

Ooh, I like your creativity in adapting your pieces. There are lots of unique pieces in your collection, great stuff xx

Kitty said...

I'm not one for jewellery but it's always interesting to see what others are into. That green dress is a great colour AND style on you, love it.xx.

La Dama said...

You look like a princessa.. Green is ur color... Amo cameo pendants..also your ganesh have the most prettiest eyes..your eyes stand out with greens and blues.

Alex said...

First of all, LOVE that dress. You look even more amazing than usual in it.

And moving onto the jewellery, *makes covety sorts of noises* The cameo pendant is beautiful, as indeed are all the ones in that photo. V. impressed with your jewellery making skills as well by the way!

RETRO REVA said...

OMG !!!!!!!!!
i love this emsemble :)
and i too have a jewelery armoire, but keep losing stuff in there, and my pieces end up missing stones ...........
I do the baggies, but inevitably end up with a bunch of empties ;)
Organized, I am not :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh my goodness, how much do I love you in that frock!!
I've got some of thise Hindu pendants but never thought of attaching such interesting bits to them. I'm going to have do do something equally creative, you genius!
Wah, the Donna Demente jewellery box is divine.
You know how much I love my tat, keep sjhowing what you've got, pretty please!
Love You!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Dayyyyam gorgeous woman! So you're a crafter as well - a woman of extraordinary sartorial talents - I LOVE Fimo - need some pronto. You've inspired me - yet again! Love The Swing Pendant you sexy minx you and the red one you made from Fimo is simply delish! xoxoxo

sacramento said...

Wonderful dress and yewelry.

Miss Smilla said...

This dress is breathtaking and you look so lovely in it. And what amazing jewellery!